Alternatives of Immediate Load – Mexico Dentist’s Interview

Watch a well-known dental implants surgeon from our network dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico talk about other practicable dental solutions for patients who are not fit for immediate load implants.

Following is the video narration:

“The patients that do not qualify for immediate loading, are those people that on the CT scan we can determine that their quality of their bone is very soft. So, for those patients, we rather not jeopardize the implants that we are placing.

“Funny enough, as far as trips and time-tables, it would be about the same for immediate loading, and for a not-immediate loading case. Why? Because, we would, first of all, the immediate loading I already described it, we place the implants, the patient walks out with a teeth, fixed teeth.

“On a case that we cannot do immediate loading because the patient is not a candidate, we will place our implants, and we will deliver a removable appliance for those patients. They will be removed, they will be wearing these removable appliance from four to six months, depending on the case.

“As well as the ones that have immediate loading, they will have those temporary procedures from four to six months. So, those that are immediate loaded, as well as the ones that are not immediate loaded, after four to six months, it’s the time for the second trip. At that time, the ones that were immediate load, we will just take the new impressions and do final prosthesis for them.

“Why do we say final prosthesis? The hybrid type of prosthesis that is this type of prosthesis, that is fully loaded on implants, the immediate ones are all plastic, because that’s the way that we capture them in the mouth at the time of immediate loading. But the final prosthesis has a metallic sub-structure for it to be sturdy and for it to last many years.

“And this is, of course, covered with acrylic, pink acrylic, to the gums, and the inter-teeth are very nice, natural and aesthetic looking teeth. So, the time for them to come back will be same time for the ones that are not-immediate loaded. The ones that were not immediate loaded, we will do the uncovering of the implants that’s much smaller surgical procedure, we uncover the implants, meaning exposing the implant so we can have access to screw and screw parts. And then we take impressions and we’ll fabricate the final prosthesis, that’s the one that has the metallic sub-structure, and then acrylic and teeth on top.

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