An interview with a CCSVI treatment Surgeon in India

Leading Indian surgeon shares his experience in CCSVI treatment or liberation treatmentfor MS patients. Following MBBS, MS, and MCS in neuro surgery, the surgeon pursued an interventional neuroradiology fellowship in University of Zurich, Switzerland. Besides CCSVI treatment, he is specialized in vascular neuro surgery and endo vascular neuro surgery.

Following is the video narration.

Education and Experience in CCSVI treatment in India

“I have MBBS and MS in surgery and a post doctorate degree which in India is called MCS in neuro surgery. Followed that I have pursued a fellowship in University of Zurich, Switzerland for 6 months in interventional neuroradiology.

The last count, about 12 international publications, about 14, may be 15 international publications.

Specialized in vascular neuro surgery, and also endo vascular neuro surgery and recently into this CCSVI.

My main areas of interests are strokes, any kind of strokes – preventive …carotid angioplasty, aneurysms… and the CCSVI balloon angioplasty.”

CCSVI Surgery Treatment in India

β€œIt is benefitting people, people are coming here. We are regularly doing almost every week we are doing about 3-4 procedures. Generally speaking, as we say as now, 40% have been very very happy. They are really doing very well.

Cardiac Stent30% say that they are doing well but initially for a few months. Then, they started feeling some degree of relapse. 30% are in between, they are doing sometimes well and sometimes not so well.

It consists of two parts- first my neurological colleague sees the patient. First, we establish that the patient has … then we screen the patient whether he has CCSVI or not. Majority of MS patients do have it. In case, he is positive, then we take him for venography. During the venography, if we find obstruction in a…….we dilate it in the same sitting and do a stenting if needed.

There are people from UK, majority are from Canada. We are a group of 15 people led by Dr. AP Singh. We are 8 neuro surgeons, specialized into different fields. With me, there is another neuro surgeon called …… and we have three neurologists, headed by…….and inter-related the physiotherapists, neurologists, neuro surgeons which are a very rare combination.”

A leading surgeon in India shares his experience in treatment for CCSVI in India. He talks about CCSVI procedure in India, which is affordable and of high standard. His services are available in venoplasty, vascular neuro surgery and endo vascular neuro surgery.

He also talks about his education.

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