Myomectomy in India – Surgeon Interview

In this video, a leading gynecologist in India discusses myomectomy. She also talks about the procedure details and success story of one of her patients who conceived an year after the surgery.

Hear from the surgeon in this video.

What is Myomectomy?

“Myomectomies are an operation which a woman once has; these are women who have got large swellings in the uterus. These are non cancerous and these things can grow in any part of the uterus and the problem which women face are mostly due to either with heavy bleeding or in younger patients, the inability to conceive.

So these are the problems which women usually come to us with and the women who find a lot of problems are the ones who are distressed by infertility, inability to conceive and this is the treatment which I really would, I really enjoy in the sense that myomectomy is a very simple operation to do and once fibroids are removed, then these patients have a very good chance of having a pregnancy. It was because of the fibroids they were not able to conceive.”

Open and Laparoscopic Myomectomy Procedure

“This surgery is being offered either as a open procedure in which the patient comes, has a small cut which is a bikini like cut and we go in, take out the fibroids, stitch the uterus back in place so no problems with the fallopian tubes or ovaries and once it happens, the patient can conceive after about an year or so is the time which I allow for the healing to take place.

Uterine Fibroids

The other approach is a laparoscopic approach which is a keyhole approach. This is suitable for patients who have smaller fibroids or less number of fibroids. The stitching of the uterus has to be done in the best way so that once the patient conceives then they don’t have any problems. So this is what is absolutely essential to ensure and this is what I would asses a patient once I see the reports, examine the patient and once I am confident that this is what the approach I would like to take. Then I would advise about them about either a laparoscopic approach is suitable for them or a normal approach.”

Success Stories of Myomectomies in India

“Recently one of my patients conceived after myomectomy which I was very pleased about and she was having secondary fertility, she had a child six years back and a year back I did a surgery. She was not getting pregnant and she has conceived. So that is extremely satisfying for these patients whom you can do things and the myomectomy as a procedure is very well tolerated. And the patient needs to stay in for about two to four days depending on if it’s a laparoscopic surgery, they can leave early. But with open surgery still we would allow them to go home on second or third day and the recovery is excellent. So this is what is a good method to do.

Map of New Delhi - India

There are patients who are coming from different commissions and different varieties of patients. Certainly see the patients coming for, from the South Africa they come for fibroid surgery and these, because that is very common there, in black I think this is something which has a trend and a common thing. Lot of … and things, patients who are living in India are having problems, so they would come and get the tests done.

Lot of people from the high commission because I was trained in UK and I was working in the UK so the European countries, the way of working, the way of managing the patients in an evidence based manner is very ingrained into me. So this is how I manage any patient. Whatever is required, you have to be very thorough with them right from A to Z. This is what is required and this is what you have to filter out”

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