Prostectomy in India – Surgeon Interview

In this video a leading surgeon talks about the various procedures like prostectomy in Indiahe specializes in.

In another video of the same surgeon, he discusses penile prosthesis in India.

Following is the video narration.

Localized Cancer Prostate – Da Vinci Treatment

“If it is a localized cancer prostate then you know it after your test that it is a localized cancer prostate. You could either go for an open prostatectomy which is now going to be a thing of past. You could go for a laparoscopic radical prostatectomy or the-state-of-the-art new thing is robotic assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy which is being done by the da vinci system  and probably more than 70 percent of the prostatectomy in the US currently are being done by the da vinci robot.

So this is the in thing and it is more precise, the hospital stay is less and surgery is definitely more advantageous.”


Urinary Incontinence in Men and Women

“If the urinary incontinence is involuntary leakage of urine without your knowledge or without your control and you cough and sneeze, the urine comes out or you have to rush to the toilet and urine comes out, you have to look into the specific causes of it.

In males most of the urinary incontinence may be due to prostate problems or it may be a result of the prostatic surgery. And the initial ways to control the urinary incontinence in males could be medication, certain exercises but in case the urinary incontinence still persists to a problematic degree in the male, you have to resort to an artificial urinary sphincter implantation.

In females the urinary incontinence may be due to several reasons, due to multiple child births, trauma or we call it the stress incontinence that if you cough and sneeze at least or you rush to the toilet, you cannot hold before you reach the toilet , that’s overactive bladder or urgent incontinence in women.

We have got a variety of operations so that there are certain slinks which are made of plastic material, which you can put beneath the urethra. It’s a 20 minutes operation under local anesthesia and the urinary incontinence which is predominantly stressed urinary incontinence is taken care of.

In case there are certain other bigger reasons for urinary incontinence, in women also we can put artificial sphincters but in women mostly we see that urinary incontinence is stressed urinary incontinence which can be very well be taken care of by putting slinks.

We have slinks for male urinary incontinence also but in terms of its efficacy, the one stop shop would be an artificial urinary sphincter that can be implanted. And the classical example would be a male who has undergone a prostatic surgery and especially a prostate surgery for cancer prostate where he needs a urinary sphincter after the surgery.”


Lotus Temple in Delhi, IndiaBenign Implants

“Benign implants are required for people who have fake thus lesser…….., you must have heard of Viagra which is a medicine used for erectalis functions. So there is a lot of big population who has erectalis functionresulting out of diabetes or other cardio vascular diseases, any vascular disease that could lead to impotence or surgical interventions, for example, a radical prostatectomy for cancer prostate or may be radiation or a surgery for bladder cancer which is called as cystoprostatectomy.

So there is a huge population of patients who suffer erectilus function primarily because of medical problems and as a result of some surgical intervention also.So these a good chunk of these patients can be helped by medical means for example Viagra tablets like viagra cialis or certain injections like muse or caverject and certain vacuum erection devices that are available in the market but there is a good population of patients who are not helped by these things so then the next option is benign implant in which we put, there are several types of benign implants.

There are two piece implants, there are three piece implants and there is a simple rod like implant which can be inserted in the penis and the patient can hide, he can bend the penis while he is wearing his trousers and when he is on the job he can simple straighten the penis and get on with it.

And whereas in the three piece implants there are certain buttons which are hidden in his …… and he can press the button and the penis becomes erect, again presses the button penis goes down. So this is how these implants work and the surgery is about an hour. Its not a mutilating surgery, it’s a very simple surgery and the implants, they come with a lifelong guarantee and now I am told that the guarantee is about approximately about five to ten years but you do get a guarantee card. Any part of the mechanical function that goes on with device is taken care of.

The most important complications can be infection that can necessitate even implant removal, so we take all precautions to avoid that.”

In this video, surgeon throws light on various causes that may lead to prostate problem in men and women. He also discusses some ways of curing impotency. He considers benign implants as a successful approach in this regard.


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