Arm Lift Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

An arm lift surgery can aesthetically enhance the appearance of women and men by helping them get rid of the flaccid and flabby skin on their arms, also known as “bingo wings”, and arm lift surgery in Tijuana, Mexico can help one say goodbye to unwanted bulging arms without shelling out a fortune from the pocket.
Arm Lift SurgeryArm lift surgery, also known as brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the flapping and sagging skin on a person’s upper arms. Besides weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass in Mexico, plastic surgery in this Latin American country is also finding a lot of takers. The low cost of arm lift surgery in Tijuana, Mexico makes it an attractive location for medical tourists who cannot afford the skyrocketing costs of the surgery back home.Mexico has become one of the favorite medical tourism destinations since it is replete with numerous world class hospitals which boast of providing high quality services at costs much lower than in the industrialized countries of the world.

Increasing Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery

  • The popularity of cosmetic surgery procedures, especially among Americans, can be ascertained by the findings of a study undertaken by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) that was conducted by the research firm Synovate, in February 2011.
  • As per the survey, 51% Americans, regardless of their income, approve of cosmetic surgery.

Advantages of Arm Lift Plastic Surgery in Tijuana, Mexico

  • Here are some of the advantages of undergoing cosmetic surgery for arm lift in Tijuana, Mexico.
  • Arm lift surgery cost in Mexico is much lower than the cost of a similar surgical procedure in the first world countries of the world such as the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany.
  • The proximity of Tijuana to the US border and the low cost of air travel to Mexico have added to the popularity of Mexico for various medical procedures, especially among Americans and Canadians.
  • Most of the plastic surgeons and their support staff in Mexico can converse in English.
  • Unlike the long waiting time in the US and the UK, patients are given prompt medical attention in Mexico.
  • There are numerous world-class medical centers in Tijuana, Mexico. Get in touch with Medical Trip for more information.
  • Quite a few arm lift specialists and surgeons in Mexico who have affiliation with international medical associations. Plastic surgeons in Tijuana are also proficient in performing myriad types of plastic surgery after weight loss surgery.
  • Lower and Upper arm lift surgery in Tijuana are performed by using the latest medical equipment and technology in the leading hospitals.

All You Need to Know Before the Arm lift Surgery in Tijuana

When it comes to making a decision on arm lift surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, medical tourists need to know the following:

  • Know everything about arm lift surgery – its benefits and risks. Refer to reliable websites for exhaustive information.
  • Have a look at arm lift pictures to know what you should expect after the surgery.
  • Ask questions from the arm lift surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico about the procedure, their medical affiliations, hospital privileges, risks involved in the surgery and any other information about the surgical procedure.
  • Inquire about the post operative care that the hospital will provide, especially in case of a complication.

Precautionary Tips for Medical Tourists in Mexico

Burger King - MexicoPatients need to take some precautions when on a medical vacation in Mexico. Here are some handy tips for those who have decided to undergo arm-lift plastic surgery in Tijuana:

  • Cosmetic surgery must be treated like any other surgery. Combining your surgery with a vacation, that includes sightseeing and recreation after the surgery, may hinder the healing process. Hence, such activities must be engaged in a limited way.
  • Getting an arm lift surgery in Mexico may limit your chances of a proper follow up and monitoring. Make sure that a doctor back home is informed about all the details of the medical procedure you underwent so that he may be able to help you in case of a complication.
  • Do not make cost your principal criterion for choosing a hospital.
  • Medical equipment used at some clinics in Mexico may not be as per the US standards. Choose to undergo the procedure in a reputable hospital or clinic.

All in all, an arm lift surgery in Tijuana, Mexico can be a pocket-friendly cosmetic procedure that can boost the confidence of those who wish to have a more pleasing appearance by getting rid of the unsightly sagging skin on their arms.