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Full Arch Implant Bridges in Mexico

If you are tired of your old removable dentures slipping and sliding around in your mouth when you are trying to eat or speak, getting ¬†full arch implant bridges in Mexico could be your affordable dental solution. Say goodbye to cumbersome removable dentures by getting cheap fixed dentures in Mexico. According to the American Dental […]

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Surrogacy in India

Many couples who have failed to conceive a child of their own due to medical reasons such as infertility, genetic diseases, and multiple miscarriages can opt for surrogacy in India to welcome the joys of parenthood into their lives. Since financial constraints and legal restrictions in their home countries act as major deterrents for many […]

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Dental Trip to Mexico – Testimonial

In this video a retired teacher from Phoenix, Arizona resident talks about his dental trip to Mexico. Mexico has a plenty of highly qualified dental surgeons, state-of-the-art dental clinics and hospitals, affordable cost and no long waiting queues.¬† Along with the quality medical procedure in Mexico, another attraction that completes the trip is the serene […]

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Lap Band Surgery in Las Vegas

Lap band surgery in Las Vegas could be just the surgical weight-loss solution you have been thinking about. While many are choosing to go to foreign locations where they can afford a bariatric surgery of their choice, there are those who have qualms leaving the familiar territory. And if you find yourself among those who […]

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Gastric Plication India

If you are obese and need a solution that will get you on track to a lighter, healthier future without breaking the bank, gastric plication in India might be your best option. India is quickly becoming a global hub for medical tourists seeking affordable weight loss surgery. Gastric plication is a bariatric surgery that is […]

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Radiation Oncology Abroad

Radiation oncology is the science of using ionized radiations in favorable doses for the treatment and management of cancers. Radiation Oncology is used together with chemotherapy (i.e. the use of drugs) and surgery (i.e. surgical removal of the malignant tissues) as an effective measure to manage some forms of tumors. Radiation therapy is usually the […]

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