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Precautions to take on a Medical Vacation in Mexico

Hospitals in Mexico draw many foreign patients each year as medical services in the country are available at just a fraction of their cost in the First World. Thousands of medical tourists travel to Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Mexicali, Guadalajara, and even small towns like Los Algodones (which is very popular for dental work) to be […]

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Rotator Cuff Surgery Mexico

Rotator cuff surgery in Mexico is a great option for the foreign patient as it falls easily within the budget of an average American, who doesn’t have insurance, and is accessible quick enough to a Canadian or British national, who may otherwise have to line up for it at their local hospital. Medical tourism in Mexico is […]

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Same-day Dental Implants in Costa Rica

Same-day dental implants in Costa Rica could be your way to restore a smile that has been wrecked due to age, accidents, bad eating habits, or just insufficient oral hygiene, and is now suffering for the lack of sufficient dental insurance.  Also called immediate load dental implants, these are small metallic screws that are inserted […]

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Traditional Surrogacy vs. Gestational Surrogacy

Surrogacy refers to the process of third party reproduction, wherein a woman agrees to become pregnant and carry someone else’s baby in her womb, under a contract. Whether the baby has any genetic connection to the surrogate depends on the kind of surrogacy method chosen. Those looking at surrogacy options in India must ensure they know about […]

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Duodenal Switch (with Bilio-Pancreatic Diversion) Surgery Abroad

Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPDDS) is a bariatric surgery that is claimed not to have the adverse side effects like ulcers, stomach closures and blockages, and the dumping syndrome associated with many other weight loss procedures, especially the gastric bypass. After this procedure the individual can eat larger portions than in case of gastric […]

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Finding an Expert Orthopedic Surgeon in India, Costa Rica or Mexico

According to an MSN report by Pauline Frommer, over 600,000 medical tourists from the United States alone travel overseas each year for medical treatments. A large number of them avail the services of orthopedic surgeons in India, Costa Rica and Mexico to undergo surgeries of the knee, hip, and shoulders.Many elderly people with chronic problems, […]

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