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Brazilian Butt Lift Cost Costa Rica

Do you wish to have a curvy backside just like that of Hollywood biggies Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce?  If money is the only thing that’s stopping you from getting “bootylicious”, then discount Brazilian butt lift in Costa Rica can make it happen for you without making you burn a hole in your pocket. The low […]

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Computer Designed Dental Crowns in Costa Rica

Getting dental crowns used to be a tedious procedure taking several days and involving consultations and working with messy molds of your teeth, in addition to being very costly. With modern technology, you can now receive computer designed dental crowns in Costa Rica much faster and more affordably. Medical trips to the Latin American countries […]

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Brachioplasty in Costa Rica

If you hate the ‘bat wings’ under your arms and want the toned look of athletes, consider undergoing brachioplasty in Costa Rica. A few incisions, some tightening and voila, you can wear sleeveless outfits without worrying about jiggling arms! The low cost of brachioplasty in Costa Rica is encouraging people to plan medical trips to […]

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Body Contouring in Costa Rica

If you have lost a lot of weight and are left with the depressing sight of limply hanging skin on your body, then you do not have to fret because there’s a rewarding solution for you which also happens to be easy on the pocket. Body contouring in Costa Rica is an affordable alternative to […]

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Mexico Dentist Talks About Traditional Implants and Teeth in a Day

A well-known prosthodontist from our network dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico discusses the difference between immediate load and traditional dental implants. Following is the video narration: “In the past, the protocols for implants in US were two-stage thing. You will place the implants, and then you will have to wait a period of … integration, […]

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Zirconia Crowns in Mexico

If you are suffering from painful tooth decay or are embarrassed by damaged and discolored teeth, getting zirconia crowns in Mexico might be an optimum solution to your problems. Medical tourism in Mexico has become quite popular with Americans and Canadians who are deterred by the high cost of healthcare procedures in their home countries. […]

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