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Gynecomastia Surgery Costa Rica

Many males who have aberrantly large mammary glands are turning to surgical intervention to restore the normal appearance of their chests. In order to cut costs and take advantage of efficient medical services, those desirous of altering the appearance of their chest can embark on a medical trip to undergo gynecomastia surgery in Costa Rica. […]

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Glaucoma Surgery – Turkey

In recent years, Turkey, with its state-of-the-art health infrastructure, has become one of the preferred medical tourism destinations for international patients. Glaucoma surgery in Turkey provides an excellent option for overseas patients seeking top-notch eye treatment abroad at reasonable prices. With world-class facilities located across all the major cities of the country, several board-certified ophthalmologists […]

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Corneal Transplantation- Turkey

Corneal transplantation in people suffering from injured or diseased cornea can cost quite a fortune in the developed countries of the West. However, corneal transplantation in Turkey is available at lower prices compared to the costs charged for the procedure in the US, Canada, and the UK. Corneal transplant surgery in Turkey involves a medical […]

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Robotic Hysterectomy Mexico

Although overseas patients can also consider seeing a hysterectomy surgeon in India or in other medical tourism destinations, patients from the US choose Mexico due to the ease of travel. They can choose to travel by air (daily flights are available from many US cities), or they can go via the land border. Mexican hospitals offer […]

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Facelift in Costa Rica

If you thought only film stars or celebrities could afford facelifts for a rejuvenated look, then you are wrong! You can actually avail easy-on-the-pocket facelift in Costa Rica. This cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica would cost you only about a fifth of what you might otherwise have to shell out on the procedure in the […]

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Blepharoplasty in Costa Rica

Sagging or droopy eyelids, fatty bags underneath the eyes, and excess skin that makes one look old and tired can easily be treated with blepharoplasty in Costa Rica. An increasing number of medical tourists have been visiting Costa Rica because of its highly skilled cosmetic plastic surgeons. The progress of Costa Rica’s medical tourism industry […]

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