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Bum Implants in India

Our behinds are now considered as physical attributes or assets that make us more or less attractive in other people’s standards. This is the obvious reason why both women and men who may find their bums too small look for solutions to this physical issue. Bum implants in India are a viable option for these […]

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Fat Transfer in Costa Rica

If you suffer from deep wrinkles or sunken skin on your face, you may be considering cosmetic surgery like fat transfer. If you think you might be a candidate but can’t afford the price, consider a fat transfer in Costa Rica. Exotic as it may sound, cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica is a growing industry. […]

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Yuma Resident Reviews Mexican Dental Services

The video shows a Yuma resident talking about her reasons to cross borders to Algodones for dental treatment. She reviews the staff and services at Algodones dental facility. Narration – “I’m Marie Simpson, I’m from Arizona. Transplant from San Diego, California and I just own my own business. I had come to the dentist, I […]

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Hip Replacement in Mexico

Many North Americans with severe damages in their hips get hip replacement in Mexico to fix their orthopaedic difficulties. The low cost and short travel are easily the top two reasons why medical tourists are heading to Mexico for orthopedic procedures like partial hip replacement, total hip replacement, hip resurfacing, etc.   What is Hip Replacement […]

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Bariatric Surgery in Costa Rica

Americans and Canadians with a BMI of 30 and above, who are planning to go under the knife for weight-loss, weighing up the risks and benefits of different weight loss surgeries, and fretting over the amount of money they will have to shell out to undergo one, can find respite in Costa Rica. Bariatric Surgery […]

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