Blepharoplasty in Costa Rica

Eyelid Surgery in Costa RicaSagging or droopy eyelids, fatty bags underneath the eyes, and excess skin that makes one look old and tired can easily be treated with blepharoplasty in Costa Rica. An increasing number of medical tourists have been visiting Costa Rica because of its highly skilled cosmetic plastic surgeons.
The progress of Costa Rica’s medical tourism industry is in full swing because of the lower cost of medical procedures and the additional fact that the low cost of medical treatments does not translate to their being substandard. The eyelid surgery cost in Costa Rica is only a fraction of what the procedure costs in the US and other Western countries. Unarguably, blepharoplasty surgery in Costa Rica can be a smart choice!

Understanding Blepharoplasty

  • Popularly known as eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty is performed to give the eyes a lively appearance by removing excess skin from the eyelids and reducing the dark circles under them.
  • According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) 2010 Statistics on Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery, blepharoplasty was one of the most common aesthetic surgeries performed on women by the academy’s member plastic surgeons.
  • Other cosmetic procedures such as eyebrow lift can be combined with eyelid lift. In Costa Rica, many cosmetic surgery centers offer a combination of procedures tailored to the patient’s requirements.
  • The possible complications of blepharoplasty include bleeding, blindness, asymmetry, and ectropion.
  • If the thought of unsightly scars keeps you from undergoing upper eyelid surgery in Costa Rica, then you should dispel such fears as the incisions are made within the eye crease.
  • Lower eye lid surgery involves making incisions just below the lash line; hence, the scars almost invisible.
  • Asians who have single eyelids can also opt for double eye lid surgery in Costa Rica to have more-defined eyes. Like all the other types of blepharoplasty procedures, Asian eyelid surgery in Costa Rica is cost-effective.

Eyelid Surgery Before and After

  • The scars become almost invisible in about three weeks.
  • Prolapse may occur after 8 to 10 years. When this happens, reoperation may be needed.

Why Opt for Blepharoplasty in Costa Rica?

  • The cost of blepharoplasty surgery in Costa Rica can be up to 75% less than the cost in the US. Other procedures too such as tummy tucks and dental implants in Costa Rica are offered at lower prices. Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica
  • The country is home to numerous state-of-the-art hospitals which apply the latest technology in treating their patients.
  • Costa Rica boasts of JCI-accredited and ISO-certified hospitals.
  • A majority of the reputable hospitals and plastic surgery centers have bilingual staff.
  • The renowned surgeons in Costa Rica have received international training and many of them have experience of practicing in the United States.
  • Ease of entering Costa Rica is another upside. For citizens from the United States, Canada, and most of the West European countries, a stay of less than 90 days in Costa Rica does not require a visa.
  • Before their upper and lower eyelid surgery in Costa Rica, medical tourists can enjoy the breathtaking sights of the country. The country is abounding with national parks, beaches, and even volcanoes such as the Arenal and Rincon de la Vieja Volcano
  • Blepharoplasty recovery in Costa Rica can be enjoyable too. There are a number of recuperation centers located in the close proximity of the major hospitals and in the midst of an inviting milieu.
  • Though American and Canadian medical tourists can also opt for affordable plastic surgery in India or Thailand, traveling to Either of the two countries would mean shelling out more on airfare and of course, bearing with a long flight. Costa Rica’s geographical nearness results in saving both travel costs and time.

Overall, Costa Rica is an ideal place for blepharoplasty surgery. Medical tourists are advised to take advantage of the low eyelid surgery price in Costa Rica. With additional savings from blepharoplasty in Costa Rica, they can spend more on enjoying the Latin American country’s scenery and culture while recuperating.