Brazilian Butt Lift Cost Costa Rica

Do you wish to have a curvy backside just like that of Hollywood biggies Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce? Brazilian Butt Lift in Costa Rica If money is the only thing that’s stopping you from getting “bootylicious”, then discount Brazilian butt lift in Costa Rica can make it happen for you without making you burn a hole in your pocket. The low Brazilian butt lift cost in Costa Rica will give patients up to 50%-70% savings. If the idea of having your own fat injected into your derriere seems a tad intimidating, then you can also opt for buttock implants in Costa Rica.

Based on the Plastic Surgery Statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were a total of 4,546 buttock lift procedures performed in the US in 2011, a whopping 235% increase over the number of procedures performed in 2000. A large number of Americans remain uninsured and even if they are, most insurance companies do not cover elective surgeries. This is where the idea of a low cost Brazilian butt lift in Costa Rica seems alluring.

Brazilian Butt Lift: Making the Most Out of It

Itching to enjoy the low Brazilian butt lift cost in Costa Rica? Before jumping on the bandwagon, you might want to understand first what you’re getting into:

  • Yes, you will be getting Brazilian buttocks lift in Costa Rica, but in combination with liposuction. Excess fat may be suctioned out from your thighs, abdomen, or arms, and then injected into specific points on your buttocks to make them rounder. It’s like getting a free liposuction in Costa Rica as well!
  • Patients who have a Brazil butt lift in Costa Rica are advised to watch out for weight changes to make the results last longer.
  • While recovering from a Brazilian lift in Costa Rica, which takes two to four weeks, why not get other cheap yet quality cosmetic enhancements, such as a facelift in Costa Rica, to match your new perky buttocks?

What Else Besides Low Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Costa Rica?

As the word “discount” suggests, the price of Brazilian buttock lift in Costa Rica is just a fraction of what you’ll have to pay in high income countries. Since Costa Rica endeavors to be a top-notch medical tourism destination, it continuously strives to have one of the most advanced healthcare systems across the hemisphere.

  • Costa Rica is home to three JCI-accredited hospitals. The country abounds in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology.
  • Finding a highly qualified doctor to perform a Brazilian butt lift in Costa Rica is quite easy. Many of the leading plastic surgeons of the country have received medical training abroad, mostly in the US and Europe.
  • Spanish is the primary language of Costa Ricans. Many of the good hospitals of the country, however, have bilingual doctors and staff.
  • For Americans and Canadians, considering discount Brazilian butt lift in Costa Rica is a logistically viable decision too, given the proximity and easy connectivity of the major cities of the USA and Canada with the Costa Rican capital of San Jose.
  • A fun way of getting a low cost Brazilian butt lift in Costa Rica is to combine your treatment with a vacation. Don’t pass up this opportunity to explore the wonders of this tropical paradise: visit its numerous national parks and reserves; explore the picturesque towns of Grecia, Sarchi, and San Ramon; take a relaxing dip into its pristine beaches; taste the authentic cuisine and experience the rich culture of Costa Rica.

Getting Discount Brazilian Buttock Lift in Costa Rica – Useful Tips

To ensure a stress-free vacation in Costa Rica, take note of these few pointers:

  • Avoid traveling to Costa Rica during the Christmas or Easter weeks as prices are sky high and the country is overcrowded with holiday revelers. Costa Rica Roadside View
  • Tourists are advised to leave their valuables in the hotel safe to avoid attracting petty thieves.
  • As corny as it may sound, excessive public affection is unacceptable in Costa Rica.
  • Learn a few useful Spanish phrases. The phrase pura vida for hello and goodbye conveys happiness.
  • Be courteous and address people with Señor (for males) and Señora (for females) accordingly.
  • Even if it’s cloudy, tourists are still advised to wear sunscreen to protect themselves from the strong sun in Costa Rica. Insect repellent is a must too.

Keeping in mind these simple precautions will help you not only enjoy the low Brazilian butt lift cost in Costa Rica, but also have a fulfilling travel experience.

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