Buttock Implants Costa Rica

If you are seeking a curvier derriere without a hefty price tag attached, buttock implants in Costa Rica may be a viable option. More and more American medical tourists are embarking on cosmetic surgery medical trips to Costa Rica given the country’s expert plastic surgeons, high-tech medical facilities, and the allure of recovering in lush landscape.

Despite the low cost of butt contouring in Costa Rica, one will find the quality of the treatment at par with that found in the developed countries of the West. In 2000, Costa Rica’s health system was ranked 25th by the World Health Organization, higher than the United States’ ranking. Whether patients are seeking butt enlargement or liposuction in Costa Rica, one will find that there are plenty of well-qualified cosmetic surgeons to choose from.

Buttock Implants Explained

  • Buttock Implants in Costa RicaButtocks enhancement methods include buttocks implants, lifts, and contouring,
  • Buttock implants augmentation, a procedure alternatively called gluteal implant enhancement and gluteoplasty, involves making an incision and then inserting prosthetics into the buttocks. These implants create the appearance of larger buttocks. The recovery period from butt implants surgery is approximately one month, after which one can resume normal day to day activities.
  • The buttocks can also be contoured to your liking through a buttocks lift or through liposculpture.
  • According to the 2011 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Statistics report, prepared by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about 1,149 Americans got gluteal implants in 2011, a 43 percent increase over the number of people who got butt prosthetics in 2000. The low gluteal implant prices in Costa Rica imply that more and more people can have their backsides enhanced through surgery.

Why Opt for Gluteoplasty in Costa Rica?

  • As mentioned before, Costa Rica’s health system is highly ranked. You will be receiving high quality treatment for gluteal implants or buttocks lift in Costa Rica.
  • Implants or relatively less invasive buttocks fat injections in Costa Rica won’t burn a hole in your pocket, as they are much more affordable than the prices one would pay in the United States or Canada. With all the money that you save, you may even opt for an additional procedure such as rhinoplasty or facelift in Costa Rica to enhance the aesthetics of your overall experience.
  • There are a number of JCI-accredited  hospitals in Costa Rica. Additionally, one will not have to wait long to undergo buttocks augmentation surgery in Costa Rica, as there is little to no waiting period before surgery.
  • Buttock enlargement in Costa Rica is performed by highly qualified doctors. Some Costa Rican doctors have even received medical training in the United States and are sensitive to the needs of their foreign patients.
  • Patients who worry about hometown busybodies finding out about their butt augmentation will not have to worry, as they will be receiving discreet cosmetic procedures in a foreign country.
  • Though Spanish is the lingua franca of Costa Rica, the leading hospitals of the country have English-speaking doctors, thereby removing impediments in the way of communication.
  • A trip to get buttock implants in Costa Rica gives nature lovers the opportunity to witness the bounties that nature has bestowed on the beautiful Latin American country. From the towering Arenal Volcano to the sylvan landscape of Tortuguero National Park teeming with wildlife, eco-lovers can choose from a host of attractions to complete their medical trip to get gluteal prosthetics in Costa Rica.
  • Those who prefer the city life will like the various clubs, bars, and discos located in San Jose.

Gluteal Implants Cost in Costa Rica

  • The Foothills of Arenal Volcano - Costa RicaButtock prosthetics in Costa Rica come at a fraction of the price quoted for them in other countries.
  • Canadian and American patients can save considerably on travel costs by getting butt implants in Costa Rica as the country is close in proximity to North America.
  • When traveling for butt augmentation in Costa Rica, one will find many inexpensive lodging options.

Considerations for Buttock Implants in Costa Rica

  • It is recommended that you obtain gluteal implants before and after pictures from your doctor of choice to ensure you get the results you want.
  • You should check with your family physician to make sure you are a good candidate for butt enhancement before undergoing surgery in Costa Rica.
  • Make sure to plan out your trip beforehand so that it goes smoothly, especially if you are planning to travel around Costa Rica after surgery. You should take into account the recovery time you will need after your gluteal augmentation.
Patients who want a low cost solution to augment their flat backside can consider obtaining buttock implants in Costa Rica. The well-qualified doctors, comfortable patient rooms, and beautiful landscape scenery make undergoing cosmetic procedures in Costa Rica a pleasant experience.
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