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Sports After Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Many people who undergo hip resurfacing—especially the ones still in the prime of life—have concerns about resuming physical activities. If you are among the hip resurfacing seekers, the below may be of help. Majority of hip resurfacing patients can return home in four to six days after surgery.  As with other surgeries, patients need to […]

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Bariatric Surgery Mexico

A large number of people from the USA, Canada and other parts of the world visit Mexico for bariatric surgery every year. Obesity is a serious health issue that may lead to other life-threatening conditions like diabetes, heart diseases, sleep apnea, and hypertension. If a person’s BMI is 35 or more and exercise and diet […]

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Lap Band Risks

Lap band surgery, also known as gastric banding, is a type of weight loss surgery in which a silicone band is placed on the upper part of the stomach to restrict its food holding capacity. Lap band surgery got FDA approval in 2001. Although the gastric banding process is reversible and hence considered a safer […]

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Lap Band Revision Surgery Abroad

If you seek lap band revision surgery but cannot congregate the courage to raise the huge amount of money it will require, you need not fret. Getting lap band revision abroad (in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, India, and Belgium) could be an easy solution to your weight-loss surgery problem.  Despite employing the best of […]

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NHS and Obesity Surgery

Obesity in the UK has assumed epidemic proportions and half the population could be obese within 25 years, according to the British Heart Foundation. Because of this, obesity-related conditions like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke are also increasing. One of the ways to tackle obesity is bariatric surgery (also sometimes referred to as […]

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CyberKnife Treatment in Europe

Cancer, the debilitating scourge of over 12.7 million people the world over (as per statistics released by Cancer Research UK) can now  be vanquished through CyberKnife treatment. Those ready to embrace the procedure but who find the costs involved too heavy for their pockets can opt for Cyberknife treatment in Europe, particularly in Istanbul, Turkey. […]

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