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Surrogate Mothers in India

According to the American Pregnancy Association website, every year, over 60 million women are in the child-bearing age of 15-44 years. Six million of these women sadly deal with infertility issues. One solution for those wanting to further their families is hiring surrogate mothers in India. The high quality and low costs of surrogacy and […]

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Surrogacy in India

Many couples who have failed to conceive a child of their own due to medical reasons such as infertility, genetic diseases, and multiple miscarriages can opt for surrogacy in India to welcome the joys of parenthood into their lives. Since financial constraints and legal restrictions in their home countries act as major deterrents for many […]

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Surrogacy Center India

Below is the picture of the beautiful interiors of a reputed surrogacy center in India. Surrogacy for single men, women, and couples who are unable to conceive, is available at this center at very affordable prices. [singlepic id=19 w=640 h=480 float=center]

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Cryo-shipping of Embryos and Sperm to India for Surrogacy

For people who have decided to go for surrogacy in India, the process involves two visits to the country: The first – for sperm deposition, IVF, and embryo transfer. The second – to bring the baby home after delivery. Thanks to the embryo and sperm overseas transfer service provided by our partner fertility clinic in India, […]

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Traditional Surrogacy vs. Gestational Surrogacy

Surrogacy refers to the process of third party reproduction, wherein a woman agrees to become pregnant and carry someone else’s baby in her womb, under a contract. Whether the baby has any genetic connection to the surrogate depends on the kind of surrogacy method chosen. Those looking at surrogacy options in India must ensure they know about […]

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Single Men and Surrogacy

Single men, who want to be fathers but do not wish to enter into relationships with women, are increasingly choosing the surrogacy route. Men being single parents is not new; widowers and divorced men have always brought up children on their own. Now, with the easy availability of surrogacy services, male-male couples and even single men can […]

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