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Gynecologist in India – Video

In this video, a leading gynecologist in India talks about her education and experience. She also discusses the procedures she specializes in which include surgeries like hysterectomy, myomectomy, tubal ligation, tubal recanalization and cystectomy. Watch the below video to hear from the surgeon. Following is the video narration. “I am a senior practicing gynaecologist and […]

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Immediate Load Dental Implants in India

This video shows a leading dental surgeon in India discussing immediate load dental implants. The surgeon also  explains the difference between immediate loading and implantation. In another video of this surgeon, who is also the President of Indian Academy of Laser Dentistry, he talks about the cost of teeth implants in India.   Following is […]

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Plastic Surgery in India – Surgeon Interview

This video shows a leading surgeon talking about plastic surgery in India. Here she discusses her education, experience and international certifications. The surgeon also talks in brief about some of her specializations including plastic and cosmetic procedures like facelifts, breast and neck lifts and jaw surgery in India. To hear it from the surgeon, watch […]

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Spinal Surgery in India – Surgeon Interview

In the video, a leading spinal surgery expert in India discusses his education and experience. He also talks about the procedures he specializes in – spinal surgery, joint replacement, revision joint surgery (knee revision, hip revision, shoulder and elbow revision etc.), revision spine surgery, correction of deformities and stem cell therapy. To hear another surgeon discussing on […]

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Liberation Therapy for MS in India – Surgeon Interview

In this video a leading surgeon talks about liberation therapy for MS in India. The surgeon also explains venoplasty procedure which is performed by stenting the blocked vein carrying blood from the spine to the brain. Watch this video on CCSVI treatment in India, followed by its narration.   Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in India “…Particularly […]

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Pacemaker Surgery in India – Surgeon Interview

In this video a leading cardiac surgeon in India talks about his education and experience. He also discusses in brief about balloon angioplasty and pacemaker surgery in India. Click here to watch another video on balloon angioplasty in India. Other than India, the cardiac surgeon has been treating patients from countries like Nigeria, Tanzania and […]

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