India’s renowned Neuro-radiologist talks about the treatment for CCSVI in MS patients – liberation procedure. CCSVI – Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency, is a condition in which the flow of blood from the brain and spinal cord to the heart gets restricted due to venous narrowings. It is treated through the liberation procedure which involves the opening of blocked veins.

CCSVI India Surgeon – Video Narration

“We are getting patients from all around the world. Many patients from Canada, where I think there is very high level of interest. We have many patients from United States of America, Britain, Netherlands, and Mauritius. So there are patients which are actually coming among various different parts of the world to our center for this purpose.

I will divide the feedback into two parts – one is feedback of what we do in terms of how we performed the procedure, how is information and how is their short term outcome. That way we have had a, I should say myself, I think we have had a tremendous positive feedback. In terms of long term clinical outcome, I think we are still waiting.

We have seen quite a few patients showing immediate improvements which has come as a pretty pleasant surprise to us but still we are awaiting and following up our patients long term to know exactly how much is benefit with the patient.And how will they be in longer term.

CCSVI treatment in India

Liberation treatment for CCSVI

What we have formed is, we have formed a team to study CCSVI and the liberation treatment and we have found a very clear protocol how we are going to evaluate. So we just don’t want to do the procedure. We want a complete clinical evaluation and neurological evaluation and not only do the liberation treatment but any other help we can provide to these multiple sclerosis patients including advising for physiotherapy or any other medication change.

So we are doing complete Doppler including Transcran, the Brain Doppler studies, pre and post the procedure, MRI, MRI Venography and of course, pre and post clinical evaluation of the patients. With absolutely latest technology which one can have anywhere in the world and we have got dedicated Neuro-ICU’s, we have got institute of neurosciences with a big team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuro radiologist and neuro interventionist and we are backed by the latest medical equipments such as three test ….., transnil Doppler, Neck Doppler studies and a bi plane dedicated neuro-angiography system which is a great help in performing these procedures.

All of us have to be very optimistic but in a very guarded manner that’s what I would say. I mean on the one hand, as I have told my patients that if I had multiple sclerosis which was progressing, I would have myself probably given this a try but that’s what I mention a try. One has to still understand that this procedure is still being studied and we are awaiting long term.

This is what I tell all my patients, that’s okay, they can be optimistic but we have to still wait for a long while before we are 100% sure how much the benefit is really going to be. But we are feeling very positive because if we are able to prove this working then this can be tremendous advance for the patients suffering from multiple sclerosis.”

In this video, the CCSVI treatment surgeon hashes out the significance of complete clinical evaluation of CCSVI patients. The exact cause of CCSVI in MS patients is still unknown but various tests like brain doppler study, MRI are carried out for the CCSVI patients to study the condition, says the surgeon.

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