Cervical Disc Replacement in India

Cervical Disc Replacement in IndiaYou’ve been rendered immobile by cervical pain. While you know India has a significant cost advantage but you somehow feel unsure about getting cervical disc replacement in India. You feel all agitated mulling over the decision: to give or not to give cervical spine disc replacement surgery in India a try. You’ve come to the right place to end your impasse.

But before we get into the logistics of a medical trip to India, it would be worthwhile to know what cervical disc replacement is and help you decide if you are the right candidate for it.

What is Cervical Disc Replacement?

Cervical disc replacement or total disc arthroplasty is a surgical procedure to remove damaged and degenerated discs and replace them with artificial prosthesis. It is approved by the FDA and offers significant advantages over spinal fusion, as the former preserves motion, and unlike fusion, there isn’t a risk of non-union.

You may be a good candidate for cervical disc replacement if your spine is a house of problems such as –

  • Radiculopathy resulting pain that radiates to different parts and causes weakness, numbness, or poor control over muscles.  Radiculopathy can occur in lumbar, cervical, or thoracic spine.
  • Cervical disc disease that has refused to go away by non-surgical means.
  • Spondylosis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bone spurs

If you’re witnessing one, many, or all of these, you should consider anterior cervical disc replacement in India.

Why Choose Cervical Disc Replacement in India?

Golden Temple - Amritsar, IndiaFirst things first, unlike in the west, you don’t have to plan a bank heist to get your surgery done. The cost of cervical disc replacement in India is so low that even after accounting for travel, lodging, and sightseeing you’d end up saving more than 50% of the cost. Low cost aside, other significant advantages of getting total disc arthroplasty in India are:

  • Expertise – The spinal surgeons in India cater to millions of Indians with bad spines, which translates into millions of spinal treatment man hours that they get to accumulate.
  • Infrastructural Excellence – Currently, India is witnessing infrastructure boom in its bid to become an economic powerhouse. You can see it unfolding as soon you land at their international airport in New Delhi or Mumbai. The best private hospitals in India are stellar and hardly distinguishable from the best hospitals in the West.
  • Tourism Galore – A land of many hues, India offers a vast and varied topography. It tapers into the Indian Ocean on one side; on the other it has formidable Himalayas to guard it. Perhaps due to this geography, it was almost isolated and protected from intruders for many millennia, which allowed its culture to flourish. Its diversity can be overwhelming. Your medical travel might well be your only chance to explore this ancient land.

Some Essential Travel Tips

All tourist destinations command that you learn something about their history and culture to avoid cultural gaffes. You also need some pointers on street smartness to avoid getting rooked. Here’s some of that gyan (which means ‘Knowledge’ in Hindi; as a side note there is no language called ‘Indian’)

  • When hiring a cab or an auto-rickshaw, always insist that the fare meter be turned on. To skip the hassle, check in at a pre-paid booth, if it’s around.
  • Avoid traveling at night. Travel in groups if unavoidable.
  • Maintain a low profile.
  • Keep important numbers on speed dial.
  • Always carry your passport.
  • Learn some important phrases in Hindi.

Getting cervical disc replacement in India could help you get rid of the tormenting pain without giving you nightmares of medical bills. If still in a dilemma, you may start by ordering a free quote to ascertain how affordable your cervical disc replacement in India can be.


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