Heart Surgeon in India – Interview

In this video, a leading cardiac surgeon in India talks about his education and experience. He also discusses his international conference attendances and trainings, especially robotic surgery training in the University of Ohio and the University of Netherlands.

To know more about the surgeon’s professional profile and the various cardiac procedures he performs, watch this video.

 Following is the video narration.

“I am director of Department of cardiac surgery. I had my medical training here in India and then I moved to my academic training in cardiac surgery …… institute of cardiovascular surgery in Moscow.  Then I did a fellowship in cardiac surgery from university hospital Uppsala, Sweden. 1999, since then I have been working. This is a long time and we grew as the institute grew and we tried to get all the technology which is coming up in Western Europe and Northern America.”

“Those technologies include robotic surgery, minimally invasive surgery, beating heart coronary bypass surgeries …. Likewise.  I have been to couple of places in North America and particularly for the robotic surgery I had my basics from University of Ohio where I got basic robotic surgery and then I went for practical training to the midland…….then to Atlanta, St. Joseph hospital.”

“Also I have been visiting frequently to Cleveland clinic …… and in European arms like in Netherlands……..from where beating heart coronary bypass surgery started. I also got some basics in the robotics in the university … Netherlands.”

“Then I also have got some training, in fact I spent a lot of time in University hospital Uppsala, where I learned aortic surgery and valve surgery. I did visit university hospital in Paris and in …. Hospital London and King’s College Medical Centre, London. So there are various places I could know more and more advancements which are occurring in the field of cardio vascular surgery.”

Cardiac Stent“But I then utilized ………. and I was able to do more than 2000 cardiac procedures. That includes around 1600 port access surgeries which is that mitral valve repair and replacement, aortic valve replacement, ASD closure, cardiac tumor removal and also coronary bypass surgery . I must have done around, more than 6000 beating heart coronary artery bypass surgery.”

Medical tourism in India

“Today I do around twenty percent of my surgeries for overseas patients. And those patients, they come basically from countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, from African countries like Nigeria, …like Kenya, like, you know some other small countries. From Africa, we do get some patients from western world. I have operated some of the patients from United States, some from Europe. But we do get some of the patients from Middle East, of course the Indians who settle in Middle East and far east and some of the patients from Canada, from USA but mostly those are the Indian patients. Indian overseas people who are settled in those countries. But our bulk is now from Iraq, Africa, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and few patients from far east and middle east.

We have got 350 bedded cardiac facility which includes nine operating rooms, five cath labs, we have MRI, we have dual CT scanner, we have state-of-the-art lab which is managed by…….and then we have extremely talented, trained manpower, both cardiac surgery and cardiology, intensive care and in anesthesia, as the backbone. Not only that we have extremely trained, dedicated paramedics.”

Due to an affordable cost of heart surgery in India, state-of-the-art hospitals, latest technology, no waiting queues and well qualified surgeons, it has become the choice of many medical tourists across the world.


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