Cost of Teeth Restoration in Mexico

The video shows Phoenix, Arizona resident discussing the cost of teeth restoration in Mexico.

Mouth restoration includes a range of dental procedures like tooth whitening, smile redesign and cosmetic dentistry treatments for all forms of teeth and smile makeovers. Some other procedures it covers are power bleaching of your teeth, gum lift, teeth shaping, veneers implantation and crowns. Other than your teeth, cosmetic dentists can also redesign your lips by for a pouty look.

Watch this video to hear from a Phoenix resident about his dental treatment in Mexico.

Narration – “Before I came here, I went to…different dental office, in Phoenix, Tempe area. And they gave me, first office would suggest…from bottom jaw replaced with a bridge implant. We sure didn’t quite like the idea…and the cost is like 20%…the second dental group in country…but the cost is pretty high compared to what I spent here as well.”

“So, it cost me between 5 and 5200 dollars. It’s worth it.” In the other video, he talks about the quality of dental services in Mexico. Contrary to popular belief, low price doesn’t imply low quality. The low cost of living in Mexico has a direct bearing on the prices of dental work in Mexico. These savings are passed on to the customer.”

“Furthermore, the rich cultural history of Mexico plays to its advantage in its quest to becoming the number one medical tourism destination in the world.”

Apart from the affordable cost of full mouth restoration drawing a number of patients, especially from countries like the US and Canada, heading for procedures such as dental implants, bonding and  whitening, following are some other major reasons for this increase.

  • Fully equipped dental clinics and hospitals offering global standards of treatment.
  • Well-trained dental surgeons with international credentials providing quality cosmetic dentistry.
  • Fluency in English language.
  • No long waiting queues.

With the savings one makes by making a cost-friendly dental trip to Mexico, a relaxing vacation at the exotic locations of cities like Cancun, Los Algodones and Tijuana can be planned.

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