Hospitals in Costa Rica

The high-quality medical care at private hospitals in Costa Rica has greatly added to tourism in that country. The hospitals in this Latin American country provide affordable medical treatment options to North Americans who cannot afford the high cost of medical care or are tired of the long treatment wait times in their home country.

By opting to go to Costa Rica for bariatric, orthopedic, cosmetic, or general surgery, or just some dental work, you are choosing world-class, personalized care at a fraction of the local price. It is natural to be wary of hospitals and their services, as you will be going to an alien place, probably for the first time. Medical tourists are advised to conduct exhaustive research before choosing a hospital in Costa Rica. In this article, we will talk about what you can expect as a medical tourist from the top hospitals of Costa Rica. Personalized Care

Hospital Clinica Biblica: The hospital is equipped with the latest technology and its people are experienced in dealing with medical tourists. The hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International, the US hospital accreditation body, which means the hospital has to maintain the recommended standards of infection control, patient care, doctors’ credentialing, continuous improvement, and more.

Clinica Biblica hospital has all acute care facilities blood bank, emergency, ICU etc., under one roof so that patients don’t have to run around for them.

The hospital staff regularly checks on the patient’s recovery while in the hospital and the personalized care continues even after you have had the surgery.  Once in the hotel or recovery resort, a registered nurse visits the patient as required over the next few days to assist with bandages, injections, or to give medications, and to look after the patient’s overall recovery until the patient leaves for his/her country.

The follow-up from this stage on is done through phone calls and email.

CIMA Hospital: The Center for International Medicine Advanced or Centro International de Medicina Aplicada (CIMA) is run by the International Hospital Corporation, headquartered in Dallas. So, with CIMA, you can easily expect to get the standard of medical care that you would get in US hospitals.

CIMA Hospital, San Jose, is the only hospital in Central America to be accredited by the US Department of Veterans Affairs; it is also accredited by the JCI.

The CIMA facility in San Jose, Costa Rica offers all surgeries at a fraction of the cost in the US.  The Hospital offers world-class services in dental care, orthopedic surgery, weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery, or even regular overall health checkups. Also, there are no wait times for any surgery, which may come as a pleasant surprise to people from Canada.

The staff is warm and friendly; many doctors and nurses are comfortable conversing in English, thus making communication easier for English-speaking patients.

New Smile Dental: New Smile Dental Clinic in Costa Rica is a comprehensive dental care center which offers endodontics (root canal treatment), oral and maxillofacial dentistry (surgery to correct diseases concerning mouth, face and neck), periodontics (treatment of gum diseases), prosthodontics (dental crowns, dental bridges, and dental implants).

To speed matters up and to maintain quality, the clinic has an in-house laboratory, where crowns, bridges, and dentures are made.

Also, the clinic believes in strict maintenance of sterilized equipment, hygiene, and patient care. Motmot Electron Bird

New Smile Dental is popular with health tourists because of other services it provides like free local transport, multi-lingual staff, guidance with hotels, and more. The dental professionals here can speak in not only English but also in German, French, and Portuguese, thus making them helpful for dental tourists from different places across the world.

They are very organized and professional. From the moment you decide you want to go to New Smile Dental, the entire process is planned out, so you know exactly all the steps involved.

When you choose Costa Rica for medical treatment, you are making a decision that many have made before you, and have been better off for that. Costa Rica is among the five cleanest countries in the world. It has a high literacy rate of 96%, and has an average life expectancy rate of 78.5, above that of USA’s 77.9.

Medical tourists form a significant clientele of the top private hospitals in Costa Rica. This is largely due to the hospitals’ commitment to patient satisfaction, their many expert doctors, and adoption of the latest technology in healthcare.