Cryo-shipping of Embryos and Sperm to India for Surrogacy

For people who have decided to go for surrogacy in India, the process involves two visits to the country:

The first – for sperm deposition, IVF, and embryo transfer.

The second – to bring the baby home after delivery.

Thanks to the embryo and sperm overseas transfer service provided by our partner fertility clinic in India, the first trip may now be totally avoided. On the first trip, the male partner is typically required to stay in Mumbai or Delhi for 3-5 days, and the female partner has to stay for almost two weeks.

You need not be disappointed if work and other responsibilities do not allow you to spend the required amount of time in India. All you need to do is ask for the available services for such cases as cryopreservation and frozen embryo/sperm transfer abroad.

What is cryopreservation of embryos and sperm?

Cryopreservation is a process of preserving cells or whole tissues by cooling them to low very low temperatures. At temperatures as low as 77 K or −196 °C (the boiling point of liquid nitrogen), biological activities within the cells, including the biochemical reactions that lead to cell death, are arrested.

Our partner fertility clinic in India allows those interested in surrogacy to send their cryo-preserved embryos and sperm to India. This way, the intended parents have to travel only once to India, that is, to bring their baby home.

Does cryopreservation affect the success of IVF or conception?

Studies have shown that frozen sperm are as good as fresh sperm and do not adversely affect the success rates of IVF. Freezing sperm for later use is advantageous not only for those men who cannot travel to deposit sperm on the day of oocyte retrieval, but is also great for men who require surgical extraction of sperm because of some medical conditions. Also, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients can make men infertile. In such cases, too, semen may be frozen for later use.

With frozen sperm, there is no worry about not being able to donate a sample on egg retrieval day. Also, if one IVF cycle fails for some reason, there is no need to revisit the clinic and deposit sperm for another round of IVF.

Frozen embryos, on the other hand, may affect the success rate of surrogacy in some cases. Our partner fertility clinic in India has recorded a success rate of 50-60% with fresh embryos, whereas with frozen embryos it is only 40%.

How safe is international sperm shipping?

The human embryo/sperm shipment service offered by our partner clinic is in arrangement with DHL. The cryo-shipping service is offered in all places in the world where DHL’s network exists and is being successfully used by our clients throughout the world. The cryo-shipment is not subjected to X-ray scans at airports customs. Hence, you can be assured about the safety of your embryos or sperm.

Please note that some states in the US require that semen be quarantined for a year before it is shipped out of the country. You can know your state’s rules on sending human sperm abroad by getting in touch with your sperm bank.


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