Dental Implants Cost Comparison – India vs. USA & UK

The cost of dental implants in India is significantly lower than that in developed countries like the US and the UK, and it is a boon for the many westerners who are unable to afford such expensive dental treatments in their local dental clinics.

Many-a-times people in the USA, Canada, or the UK requiring a dental implant surgery avoid going to the dentist because of the high costs of dental procedures, especially if their insurance has run-out or does not cover much of the cost. India is a great destination for such patients as it shows them a way to restore their smiles by offering affordable and safe dental implants surgery, which matches the quality of those more-expensive operations in the West. Dental Implants Cost Comparison

A dental implants surgery alone in the US may set you back by $1,250 to $3,500, depending upon your dentist’s fee and the quality of implants you choose to get. Once you factor in other expenses like the required medication, follow ups, etc., the cost can quickly escalate to over $20,000. By opting for dental implant treatment in India, you be able to make savings of upto 70% on the cost of implants.

According to a 2007 report, any type of dental implant procedure would cost above $3,000 when performed by a senior dentist in the US, but even the most highly rated dentists in India would give you a similar procedure at easily one-third the cost.

Other Benefits of Getting Dental Implants India

  • Besides the low-cost of dental implants in India, a major benefit is the time you save. Long waiting times are unheard of in Indian dental clinics and you can expect to be attended by your chosen dentist as soon as you want to.
  • The dentists in our network are all well-trained and make use of advanced equipment that is at par with the international standards. The facilities here strive to provide excellent services in terms of treatment, hygiene, and aftercare.
  • Traveling to India for dental implants also gives you a chance to turn your dental trip into a comprehensive vacation. There is more to India than just spirituality— the sub continent is an interesting blend of tradition and modernity and offers a feast of activities for tourists; you will have to see it to believe it.

The best part – bring together the dental implants surgery costs, the travel costs and the vacation costs and one would still end up paying much less than one would spend in USA, Canada, or the UK on dental implants alone.