Dental Implants in Los Algodones

Most people in Canada and the US do not have dental insurance coverage. Dental treatments are very expensive in the US and other Dental Implants - A solution to missing teeth developed countries and often people don’t bother to have their missing teeth or dental problems fixed because they cannot afford the high prices. Dental implants are, in particular, extremely expensive. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of America has found that the average number of missing teeth for Americans 50-64 yrs of age is 5.3.

Mexico can offer a low cost alternative and if you happen to live near the US/Mexico border, you can drive across to get your dental implants in Los Algodones, a town in Baja California only 7 miles south of Yuma, Arizona.

 What are Dental Implants? 

  • These are a more permanent solution to missing teeth because they are connected directly to the jawbone and therefore cannot fall out or become loose like dentures or bridges.
  • A screw made of titanium is inserted into the jawbone in place of the missing tooth root. When enough bone has grown around the screw implant to help support it, a ceramic prosthetic tooth is inserted onto the screw. Dental implants can last much longer than a bridge or denture.
  • Before an implant is performed, x-rays of the jawbone are taken to make sure that there is enough bone structure to take the titanium implant, otherwise, bone grafts may have to be undertaken.
  • The whole implant procedure may take several months to a year because it is done in several stages.

Why Get Teeth Implants in Los Algodones?

  • Dental care in Mexico is first class, rivaling the best in the developed world and its clinics are equipped with the latest technology. Dentists speak English and in all likelihood, have also studied in America. A view of Los Algodones
  • The cost of dental implants here is much lower than in the US or Canada.  This leaves you enough money to take a relaxing vacation or have other procedures done.
  • While getting dental implants, you can also opt for cosmetic dental procedures in Los Algodones.
  • The Mexican border city is easily accessible from the US border by car or bus.
  • The waiting list to get dental treatment here is much smaller than in the US or Canada where normally you must wait several weeks or longer.

Getting There

  • The closest point of entry is from Yuma, Arizona. If you live in San Diego or vicinity, it’s just about a 90 minute drive.
  • You could probably just drive down to the Mexican border town and make an appointment the same day. Then relax in a nice hotel and enjoy the food while getting the implants done.
  • Since the city is near the border, a follow up trip to get the prosthetic teeth fitted won’t be a major problem.
  • If you have to fly, then the two closest airports would be Yuma International Airport, which is only about 15 minutes drive from the Mexican border. The other option is the El Centro Airport in Imperial County, CA, which is about 50 miles from Algodones.

Precautions to Take When on A Dental Trip to Algodones

  • Research on the internet or phone directly to your chosen clinic and speak with them directly. Ask any questions which come to mind and expect good logical answers.
  • Read testimonials on dental implants in Algodones from former clients.
  • Verify that the clinic and dentist are certified and licensed by the relevant health authorities.
  • Get a firm quote for the cost of dental implants in Algodones. Ask if there are any extra charges or if the price is all inclusive.
  • Do not have anything to do with illegal drugs while in Mexico.
  • Make sure you have at least six months validity on your passport if you are a US citizen.
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash on you while walking around town. Look and act discreetly.

For those without adequate dental insurance coverage, and who are missing several teeth, getting dental implants in Los Algodones will save them a lot of money. Los Algodones has excellent clinics and if you live close to the border, it is more accessible than flying to Mexico City or Cancun. Plus, being a smaller town, it’s much less chaotic and stressful.

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