Duodenal Switch (with Bilio-Pancreatic Diversion) Surgery Abroad

Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPDDS) is a bariatric surgery that is claimed not to have the adverse side effects like ulcers, stomach closures and blockages, and the dumping syndrome associated with many other weight loss procedures, especially the gastric bypass. After this procedure the individual can eat larger portions than in case of gastric bypass.

Duodenal Switch surgery in Mexico, India and Costa Rica is priced lower than in the USA, UK and Canada. Duodenal Switch is also, believed to have better weight loss results than the common Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass procedure. [refer: Duodenal Switch Patients Lose More Pounds and Fat]The procedure involves a hybrid bariatric surgery approach where both the restrictive and malabsorptive aspects of the weight loss surgery are used. As a first step, a vertical sleeve gastrectomy is performed making the stomach size small restricting the amount of food one can eat (this part of the surgery is not reversible).

Second, is “duodenal switch” where the small intestine is divided in such a manner, that one pathway carries the food from the stomach directly to the larger intestine and the second pathway the “bilio-pancreatic loop” carries bile from the liver to the common path (this part of the weight loss surgery is reversible).

As a result the food passing through the intestine is mixed with the bile “digestive juices” for a very short period and thus, majority of the calories from the food are not absorbed.

Although it is believed to have many benefits for the patient, this is one of the most complex weight loss surgeries. It is more demanding, takes a longer time and cannot be performed laparoscopically in all cases. It is suggested to consider only an experienced surgeon for this procedure.

The cost of duodenal switch (DS) surgery in the USA is over $ 50,000. Duodenal switch weight loss surgery in Mexico, India or Costa Rica costs about 60 to 70% lower.

The individual should also be willing to adhere to a lifelong follow up program, if considering this obesity cure.


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