Cancun Dental Surgeon

The video shows a top dental surgeon from Cancun sharing her credentials. This honest disclosure is the hallmark of cosmetic dentists in Cancun who thrive by winning patient trust by working closely with them. Most of these dental surgeons from Cancun are educated and trained in U.S. and bring stateside expertise at fraction of prices. Even after clubbing your dental visit and vacation you would have enough saved to put to a better use, especially more so in these times of economic hardship. No wonder then, Cancun in Mexico is the dental tourism destination of the world.



Narration – “I’m from Mexico City. I have 49 years, almost 50. I studied in the…international university of Mexico City. I made my college and my speciality also in …building in same university…Prosthetic is the name of where I studied.


I was in charge of the clinical groups, so they have theory with another doctor and then I was in charge of big space with like 20 chairs, and I was in charge of 20 students with 20 patients and I had to be checking one by one, in the mouth you know to approve some procedure and explaining. Sometimes, I had to sit in the chair and start working and everybody comes and sees and sometimes records…I have doing dentistry for 26 years, I have changed my office 5 times. My first was in the hospital and I really loved that because I was in communication with the cardiologist, internal medicine and everything. So, I really loved that.


And then I started by myself with endodontic speciality and then I went with another office with another kind of specialities in endodontist and periodontist and surgeon and myself. I do prosthesis, so when a patient comes to me, my main focus, at first, is always health. So, I always…I have to check that everything is okay. If not, we have to start with periodontal…I start doing my job. I start from simple things like, cavities to crowns and dentures and partials. For fixed prosthetics, I work with ceramic and zirconia, veneers, kind of making aesthetic smiles.


Sometimes we have to improve our results with some kind of surgeries like plastic surgery in the gum or bones to have really nice smile.


I have recently been in conference of prosthesis, some pathology and I wish to go to periodontal conference and what else…”


Without harboring any misgivings, Cancun should be your best bet for dental tourism in Mexico. And if questions like ‘How safe is Mexico?’ are bogging your mind, be informed that Cancun is safe as safe gets. If you haven’t heard of Cancun’s exploits as a perfect tropical holidaying destination, you’re missing much. To prime yourself up, suffice to say that there are beaches and night clubs and Mayan remains.


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