Advantages of Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Hip resurfacing surgery—a lesser invasive alternative to total hip replacement—is considered the better option for young patients of hip arthritis. Although the clear advantages of hip resurfacing over hip replacement haven’t been proven by any study, it is believed that since this allows more preservation of the natural bone, it will bring better results. Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip resurfacing involves replacement of the articulating surfaces of an individual’s hip joint. A metal cap (usually made of cobalt-chromium) is placed over the head of femur (the thigh bone) and is articulated with a metal cup that is placed in the pelvic socket.

Unlike in hip replacement, the femur head is not removed in hip resurfacing surgery and the intermedullary canal is not penetrated. Being more conservative of the natural tissues, the hip replacement surgery is generally considered better.

The placement of the hollow metal cap over femur’s head also makes it larger in size and consequently, less prone to dislocation. Since the natural femoral neck is retained, there are fewer chances of surgeon-induced discrepancies in bone length, which can happen in total hip replacement.

Also, the presence of more original bone allows for ease of operation in case a revision surgery is required.

Despite the said advantages over hip replacement, hip resurfacing has its critics who argue that metal wear may lead to later complications. Loosening of the joint under aseptic conditions and femoral neck fractures under heavy load are other potential risks with hip resurfacing.

Hip resurfacing is also relatively harder to perform and requires the patient to fulfill certain criteria. It has been determined that the surgeon’s experience in performing such surgeries is vital for the success of hip resurfacing. So besides the use of correct devices, it is important that you land up with the right surgeon.

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