Gastric Plication in Mexico

Americans and Canadians struggling with obesity issues and looking dejectedly at the list of average bariatric surgery prices in their neighborhood hospitals, now have a reason to cheer up.  Gastric plication in Mexico is priced less than half of what it would cost in the more-affluent North American countries.  Gastric Plication Surgery

Also known as laparoscopic greater curvature plication and gastric imbrication, gastric plication is a relatively newer kind of weight-loss surgery, which, being lesser invasive and reversible, is considered a better alternative to the current most-popular gastric sleeve surgery.

What is it?

Those considering gastric plication surgery in Mexico must first find out what it entails.

Gastric plication has been devised from the conventional sleeve gastrectomy surgery and is mainly different from the latter in that it does not involve similar excision of the stomach tissue.

However, it does involve similar reduction in the size of the stomach, and consequent weight-loss. Instead of removing the greater part of the stomach, in gastric imbrication, the surgeon will use non-absorbable stitches to sew up the greater part of the stomach leaving behind a tube-like pouch (much like in gastric sleeve) for the food to pass through.

Advantages of Gastric Plication

Reduced risk – Since no outside material is implanted in the body (except harmless sutures) and no tissue is removed, the risk of infections and healing complications is much lesser as compared to other bariatric procedures. Bleeding and leakage complications are also lesser.

Quick Recovery – Since there are not major cuts, the recovery is much quicker. Patients are usually required to be in the hospital for just 2-3 days. We must mention here that the surgery is completed within 1-2 hours and the rest of the time is only for observation and recovery.

Significant Weight-loss – Patients can expect to shed 40-70 percent of their excess body weight in 12-28 months of the surgery. Although, further studies are required to ensure the potential of gastric plication, the results are said to be quicker and much better than gastric banding.

However, you must note that your sleeve plication in Mexico may fail to bring the desired results if you do not strictly follow the diet and exercise routine prescribed by your doctor.

Why go to Mexico for Gastric Plication?

  • Money saving deal: The money you get to save on medical treatments in Mexico is usually the main motivation for medical tourists. And why shouldn’t it be? With savings of 40-70 percent on your gastric plication surgery, you’re sure to return from hospital richer than you expected to.Hospital in Tijuana - Mexico
  • No waiting lines: You wouldn’t have to wait in that tortuous, torturous waiting line, when you go to Mexico for gastric sleeve plication; the surgery is available as soon as you want it.
  • Experienced bariatric surgeons: Medical-Trip works only with highly experienced bariatric surgeons in Mexico, who have impressive resumes and have performed plenty of surgeries to win our confidence.  You can request to see the resume of the surgeon and even ask for some testimonials from his previous patients, before making the decision.
  • World-class hospitals: Although a common misconception is that hospitals in Mexico are cheaper because they have sub-standards practices, the top facilities here can actually match the best in the world. Besides, many bariatric hospitals in Mexico have recognized the potential in their foreign clients and have upgraded to provide comfort to all.
  • Proximity: Getting to Mexico from the US is pretty convenient. For those in the Southern States, Mexico could be just an hour’s drive. Many low cost airlines offer frequent flights from US cities to Mexico and you should easily be able to find one that suits your time and budget.

Although it is quite attractive, let not the cost of gastric plication in Mexico be your only motivation. Mexico’s unique culture, food, and historic sites are a treat for any tourist, and if time, health, and your wallet are permitting just go on and indulge.

Seek your doctor’s advice, so you do not risk complicating the surgery results for a little sight-seeing. Plan well in advance to be able to make the best of your gastric plication trip to Mexico.

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