Pacemaker Surgery in India – Surgeon Interview

In this video a leading cardiac surgeon in India talks about his education and experience. He also discusses in brief about balloon angioplasty and pacemaker surgery in India. Click here to watch another video on balloon angioplasty in India.

Other than India, the cardiac surgeon has been treating patients from countries like Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya. For more details on the procedures offered by the surgeon, watch the video below.


Following is the video narration.

“I have done my education in PGI, Chandigarh, and my MD in medicine and DM in cardiology. Thereafter I went out of India and I had done my MRCP from UK. After doing my MRCP in UK I came back to India. I have studied in UK where I completed my MRCP, came to India and then went back again to United States to do my electrophysiology fellowship in Wisconsin Milwaukee. There I trained myself for radio frequency operations and various device implantation like pacemakers, ICD’s, combo devices.

Basic interests are interventional cardiology where I do angioplasty and other interventions. Then my interest is electrophysiology where I do the ….. and the device implantations like I said earlier pacemakers, ICD’s, combo devices and of course radio frequency operation is one of the main operation which I carry at this hospital.”

Pacemaker Surgery

 Pacemaker Implantation Surgery

“Pacemaker is a device which is required to pep up the pulse rate. If the pulse rate drops because of some reason either that the electric activity is not been produced by the heart or there is some kind of block rooted to the lower chamber of the heart on the way. So in both the situations the pacemakers are required which guarantee a minimum heart rate to the patient.”

Balloon Angioplasty and Stent Implantation in India

“These days whenever you do a balloon angioplasty, usually it is accompanied by a stent implantation because it has been seen in early 2000 or so, even in 90s, 80s that whenever you dilate a blockage with balloon alone, the chances of coming it back within 6 months are very high. After the stent came in, what we do is, we dilate the area of blockage with a balloon and then we implant a stent at that place. After the stent is implanted now it has been seen that the chances of recurrence has decreased a lot.

In the year 2002, there was a further development when the drug eluting stents came where there is a medicine on the impregnated on the stent and that prevents reoccurrence or growth of tissues inside the stents. So nowadays the stents which are being used all over the world, majority of the stents I would say 70 to 80 percent in some of the organizations are …which are coated with drugs, which are called drug eluting stents.”

Cardiology in India

“Patients I have treated coming from Nigeria, coming from Kenya and lot of patients come from Bangladesh and Nepal.

These are the local kind of international patients like…., Nigeria, Tanzania. Patients have been coming from these areas either with the coronary artery disease, with blockages requiring angioplasty or some of them have required high end device implantations like , what we call it as, combo device which is a combination of heart failure device and a defibrillator. Those patients have been given combo devices.India

We have all the latest modern medicine equipment and the all cutting edge technologies are available in this hospital. In fact we here, kind of, get technology somehow before the United States of America where the FD has to pass a particular procedure which takes a long time. Here we get adapted to that very soon.”

Due to the availability of affordable cardiac surgery in India, no waiting queues, internationally trained surgeons it has become the favorite destination of many across the globe.

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