Heart Surgery in India

With heart surgery costs sky rocketing in the North America and Europe, no wonder the patients are deciding to get their heart surgery in other countries. India heart surgery centers offer the treatment at significantly lower prices. The surgery here may cost only 40% of its usual cost in the United States.

The quality of healthcare in this country is excellent, as they have many internationally-trained cardiac surgeons and JCI accredited hospitals. Many cardiac surgeons who accept foreign patients have trained in the United States in Europe, and welcome the chance of treating medical tourists who come to get their services for much lower costs.

Heart Surgery Technology in India

India’s competitiveness when it comes to state of the art facilities and latest medical developments further attracts medical tourists. Minimally-invasive heart surgery is one of the popular procedures in India. Heart SurgeryIn this type of procedure, instead of opening the thoracic cavity to expose the chest area, only small incisions are made (keyholes). Advantages of minimally-invasive heart surgery include:

  • Smaller incision and scar
  • Lower infection risks
  • Trauma and post-surgery pain are minimized
  • Shorter hospital stay and recovery time (traditional heart surgery may require up to 2 months of recovery time with 2 weeks in the hospital, while a minimally-invasive one can shorten this to anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks for recovery with a few days to a week of hospitalization)

Because of these advancements and the skills of India’s best cardiac surgeons, heart surgery success rates in India are also competitive to those of the rates in first world countries.

Medical Trip Planning to India

President House - New Delhi, India

When planning to get cardiac surgery in India, consider the following factors:

  • Medical fees
  • Length of stay in the country
  • Itinerary and scheduled tests and medical procedures including visits before and after surgery
  • Logistics and costs – airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation, etc.

However, with growing inclination towards medical procedures like heart valve surgery in other countries, medical tourism agencies are out to provide the required assistance to patients in trip planning. The best medical tourism agencies can connect a heart surgery patient to India’s premier hospitals and cardiac surgeons so that logistics and medical fees are included in one package that can still cost less than half of what a heart surgery costs in most western countries. Heart surgery in India can be done smoothly and with less stress with the help of the right medical tourism agency.