Hip Replacement in Mexico

Many North Americans with severe damages in their hips get hip replacement in Mexico to fix their orthopaedic difficulties. The low cost and short travel are easily the top two reasons why medical tourists are heading to Mexico for orthopedic procedures like partial hip replacement, total hip replacement, hip resurfacing, etc.


What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip replacement surgery, also known as hip arthroplasty, is performed by substituting artificial parts for structures in the hip joint to eliminate pain and improve the over-all quality of movement and usage of the area.

Who are Candidates for Hip Replacement?

This procedure is usually a last recourse for patients who have already tried exercise, therapy and medication to no avail. The following may be situations when a patient will be recommended to undergo hip replacement surgery:

Hip Replacement Surgery

  • Recurring conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Existence of tumors in the bone
  • Fractures or injuries in the hip

Orthopaedic surgeons in some countries may sometimes refuse to perform this procedure on their patients and still recommend other options like pain killers and additional therapy sessions. However, some patients are adamant about quickly improving their lifestyle, and they in turn consult with doctors in Mexico about hip replacement surgery and whether they can be considered candidates for the procedure. Some benefits of this surgery include:

  • Pain relief
  • Improvement of joint movement
  • Ability to perform tasks that were formerly too difficult to do due to hip joint immobility and pain

Planning Hip Replacement Surgery in Mexico

Here are some tips for people planning to travel to Mexico for hip replacement:

  • Research about the hospital’s reputation and the qualifications and credentials of the surgeon; ask for references (previous patients) if available
  • Openly discuss your health background and lifestyle with the surgeon so the best options for your specific needs can be considered
  • Ask someone to go with you so they can assist you during the hospital stay and on the trip home
  • Consider using the services of a trustworthy medical tourism company as they can connect you to excellent hospitals and highly-qualified surgeons, take care of your accommodation and transportation in Mexico for lower rates.

Why Go to Mexico for Hip Replacement?

The lower cost of hip replacement surgery in Mexico is a major draw for people, who decide to go there. Most importantly, the quality of healthcare is not sacrificed by the inexpensive fees, as the surgeons mostly train in nearby states in the US and work in internationally-accredited hospitals.

The relative proximity to US and Canada also means the surgeons and medical team speak fluent English and are used to helping foreigners during their medical trips. For North American patients seeking pain relief, low cost hip replacement in Mexico can be a short airplane ride, or sometimes even just a road trip away.



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