Immediate Load Dental Implants in India

This video shows a leading dental surgeon in India discussing immediate load dental implants. The surgeon also  explains the difference between immediate loading and implantation.

In another video of this surgeon, who is also the President of Indian Academy of Laser Dentistry, he talks about the cost of teeth implants in India.


Following is the video narration.

I basically conduct courses for the nobel biocare system which is a Swedish system as we know, it’s probably the number one system in the world. We also use the frialit or now the XiVE system, which is a German system and we are also using some of the cheaper systems available in the market but I don’t recommend them. It’s only because some of the prices have to be low, which is a Korean system called austep , but basically I concentrate mainly on the nobel biocare system or in bridge I am one of the leader’sin India.”

“I think first when we talk about immediate implantation, we have to distinguish between two things – which is immediate implantation and immediate load implants. Immediate implantation can be done when we pull out a tooth and put an implanting, that is immediate implantation and immediate loading means that we place an implant on day 1 and we also put a crown on it on day 1. You can combine these two, so we can have immediate implantation as well as immediate loading or we can only have either of the two.”

“What is attractive to patients today is that when they come in, you pull out a tooth, you put an implanting and then you load it on the same day. Ofcourse it is not possible in all the cases especially where there are infections present. So in those cases we cannot do this procedure but immediate loading we can do in virtually most of the procedure except where there is not enough bone available andwe have to do augmentation of bone along with implant placement.”

Dental Implants

“In that case we cannot do loading immediately but when we are doing guided surgeries, for example, which is that we are using a stent to place the implant and this planning has been done on the computer so that we have got the exact position of the implant that we desire and then we use a stent to place the implant.”

“What happens is that we can load it on day 1 but for that to happen, the extractions have to be done in advance, then we have to wait for a minimum of two months after which we take a CT scan, we plan the case, then make the prosthesis before placing the implant. Prosthesis is the bridge that goes on top of the implants. And then when we place the implants, we immediately place the bridge on top of it and screw it in. But this bridge is a temporary bridge on day 1 and it will need a permanent bridge to be done within a minimum time of six months.”

“Today everybody wants immediate loading done that means they don’t want to wear a denture for any period of time, when they have implants in their mouth. So it’s the convenience factor that is very important for the patient. Patient feels that he has his own teeth from day 1, all the way down. That is something that is really useful for patients coming in and getting dental tourism done.”

Victoria Terminal - Mumbai, India

“Ofcourse, if you look at the pricing, pricing in India is much much lower than what is available in the west and the good part is that the quality remains the same. Its just that the pricing is different. The equipment is the same as you can see at the websites as well. The qualifications are the same.”

“I teach in the university called the Athens university in Germany. I am faculty of that. So basically the qualification remains the same. Its only that the cost differs because of the profitability of the Indian dentists is a lot lower than the American or the UK dentists or the European dentists.”

“The last we counted, we had about 89 or 90 countries that which we are treating patients from. As we know today, India is itself a place where a lot of foreigners stay, so its been virtually 89 or 90 countries, but the main countries we do tourism from is ofcourse USA, Canada, the UK, some are from Germany and Switzerland and of course Africa, Australia, as you go down that side, Indonesia, some from Japan, so this is the main concentration of our patients that come in from abroad for dental treatment.”

Whether its dental implants, weight loss or plastic surgery in India, prices are pocket-friendly, allowing enough savings for the medical tourist to enjoy shopping and site seeing in the country.

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