Uterine Fibroid Embolization – India Radiologist Interview

In this video, a radiologist talks about uterine fibroid embolization in India.  He also discusses varicose vein treatment.

Watch the video to hear from the radiologist.

Following is the video narration.

“I have done my education like MD Radiology, then I have done my neuro radiology and I trained in United States of America in neuro and body intervention radiology.”

“I trained in US in John’s Hopkins in neuro and body intervention radiology and later on I worked sometime in Singapore general hospital in intervention radiology.”

“I took lot of talk in the lecture for a society and in Doctor’s associations and the groups. That must be like more than a hundred. And I have written some papers also, particularly in intervention radiology and in radiology also.”

“In intervention radiology, If you see like most of the procedures we do without surgery. And a good number of patients go for surgical procedures also but if you see the advantage of intervention radiology like…….. minimum hospital stay, may be the day care procedure or if you need 24 hrs hospitalization and expenses definitely is less than expenses like surgical major procedures and these are the procedures even not a single scar comes, there is no sutures, even there no blood transfusion is needed in the cases and good number of procedures are done under the local anesthesia and hospital stay is less so patient feels very comfortable and they can start moving right from the next day.”

Uterine Fibroids Tumor Treatment in India

“I would like to give you some examples like what kind of procedures we do. Uterine fibroid which is the very commonest uterus benign tumors in women and these are like, most of the women they go for like removal of the uterus and most of the women, they feel that like the surgical procedure is always a stigma for them.”

Fibroids in Uterus

“So that’s why most of the women, nowadays they have started going for advanced technological treatment which is known as the uterine artery embolization. And this needs just 24 hours hospitalization only.  And some other procedures like varicose vein which is like dilated veins, zigzag veins, appearing blue veins in both the legs. And these also can be treated by a non surgical treatment which is like the technique is known as the laser or radio frequency ablation.”

“These procedures having the very high success rate as compared to what the existing surgical procedure is. And other,like, liver tumors. We do the ….liver tumors. In that condition we do the chemo embolization. We do the other kind of embolization. In liver tumors we do the radio frequency ablation also and some other conditions like if a block fallopian tube is there, we open that without surgery. If people having the …….in the testes, that also we treat without surgery.”

“Non of the patients, they have single stitches. We just go with the small kind of the ….needle and we enter inside and whatever the very abnormal veins are there in the varicose vein, we repair that. And in these particular procedures in radio frequency ablation for varicose vein, patient is not suppose to do the rest and next day, even they can try they can do all kind of the mental and normal activities.”

Varicose Vein Treatment – India

“Varicose vein is the condition like this is now we consider, nowadays this is the life style disease and if you see the males and the females, most of the women they feel that they are having more problems because of the varicose veins. And particularly like if you see there is lot of new job also like standing job, sitting job on the computer and hanging down your legs also for a longer time and even if you see like the other professional people like police officers , those who are working in the big malls and other things – these people having the more standing job rather than like the sitting jobs, so these people get the veins.”

“And how you indentify these veins like once you start getting a little pain, …… dilated veins which look like blue color and zig zag kind of the vein, sometimes even discoloration of the skin, fatness of the skin, so these is you can identify yourself that these are the varicose veins.”


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