Stem Cell Transplant in India – Doctor Interview

In this video interview,  a renowned doctor in India discusses stem cell transplant procedure. The surgeon worked for around 14 years in the US, where he mastered in chemotherapy and stem cells treatment. Also, he has a huge network of patients from the eastern and western countries.

The cost of stem cells surgery in India is comparatively affordable than the western counterparts. Also, procedures like weight loss surgery, face lift or knee surgery in India are offered at a fraction of cost that one may get in the US or the UK.

Hear the details from the stem cells surgeon in India below in this video.

Stem Cell Surgeon India- Video Narration

“I did my residency in fellowship in United States, in a hospital in New Jersey. I did my residency in internal medicine followed by three years of fellowship in haematology oncology and during my fellowship period I again additional expertise in treatmentof leukemia and bone marrow stem cell transplantation.

Stem Cells

I have been in US for 14 yrs, from 1995 to 2009. During my fellowship days and in immediate period after that I had several publications in the field on nonablative stem cell transplantation which is frequently referred to as mini transplantation and that field of stem cells transplantation was evolving at that time and I was luck y to be in this hospital in New Jersey, where we were initially one of very few centres in the world at that time investigating on roll of nonmyeloablative stem cell transplantation……….. are treated by chemotherapy and there are several malingnancies like leukemia, lymphoma, hotchkins disease, diseases like plastic anemia which many times cannot becured by chemotherapy alone.”

Stem cell transplantation- Autologous and Allogeneic.

“Now in such cases where diseases cannot be cured with chemotherapy alone or they come back after chemotherapy, then there is only one option left that is stem cells transplantation and stem cells transplantations are broadly of two types.

In autologous stem cell transplant patients get their own stem cells back, you know about collection, about a month earlier and then they get high doses of chemotherapy, they get their own stem cells back, that is called autologous stem cell transplant. It is safer to do, less complicated but at the same time it is effective in diseases like lymphoma and hotchkins disease.

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In allogeneic stem cell transplantation, you need to get stem cells from a different individual. It is usually a sibling who is the donor because of the HLA matching required. And siblings can be a source of stem cells of bone marrow which is usually given again after high doses of chemotherapy. In nonmyeloablative transplantation, after lower doses of chemotherapy stem cells are given and we depend on donor immune system to fight the disease after transplantation. So stem cells transplantation is a key area in the treatment of haematology malignancy. It has been practiced for nearly 40 years all over the world and it is complicated.”

Cost of Stem Cell Procedure in India

“It is pretty expensive because of prolonged hospitalization required, lot of laboratory testing required, and lot of antibiotics which are used, which are pretty expensive many times because of risk from bacterial fungal viral infections. So stem cell transplantation is done at very few hospitals. It is because the training programs are few.

One definite advantage of doing a stem cells transplantation in India is that it can be done at fraction of the cost and also in young states Europe, UK, Canada, Japan, the cost of every stem cell transplantation can easily run into hundred thousand to quarter million dollars, particularly the allogeneic transplantation which is more complicated. So there is a very high cost barrier.”

With the pocket-friendly cost of stem cell therapy in India, quality of the treatment isn’t compromised. It is ensured by the proper follow-up care by the surgeon, keeping a watch on any possible post- surgery complications (if any). In addition, state-of-the-art Indian hospitals, well equipped with the latest technology, skilled staff and qualified surgeons makes one feel like getting treatment in the best hospitals back home.

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