Indian Hospital’s Anesthesiologist Interview

In this video, a leading Indian hospital’s anesthesiologist talks about his academic education and professional experience.

In the past few years, India has seen a significant rise in its medical tourism. Though there are many reasons accounting to this increase but the affordable prices of surgeries have helped a lot of medical tourists save big on their pockets, making them happy and come back for another medical travel to the place.


Following is the video narration.

“I am a graduate from Amritsar Medical College, way back in 1972, so my background is extensive. In anesthesia I am there from 77, so almost 33 years of experience. I have the administrative experience for last 10 years. I am also the director of anesthesia and pain management and ICU in healthcare. Today I am working as the medical director and head of the department of anesthesia and pain management. It is a proposed 550 bedded hospital.

It’s the biggest corporate hospital of northern or north west part of Delhi.258 beds is the building you are seeing constructed. It has got specific areas where it specializes that is the neurosurgical area, the cardiac area, the gastro intestinal area, the intensive care area, neonatology area and it has laparoscopic surgeries as one of the important highlights along with the intensive care facilities.


 We have got about 19 bedded surgical ICU’s and 21 bedded medical ICU’s with isolation rooms. The ICU’s here are of the international standards as per the area specification.

It’s a protocol oriented hospital, quality being the top area which is being monitored and practiced round the clock that is 24 by 7 and I think we want to make a mark not only in this area in Delhi but across the world as a hospital where protocols are followed and quality oriented results are given.

If you will come across this hospital, you walk across the ICUs, even in the wards you will find hand hygiene will be practiced at each and every step. Not only it is practiced, it is monitored, documented and reviewed on regular basis. All our activities inside the hospital, whichever activity it may be, that’s an invasive procedure.

Every activity in the hospital is constantly monitored. We have two infection control nurses who monitor each and every patient round the clock. Every intervenous line whether it is a peripheral line or central line or it’s a urinary catheter or a patient is on ventilator. All aspects are monitored to prevent infection and in the event of any infection taking place, that also is documented, monitored and audited. So as a result if you find somewhere we have gone wrong in any of the practices, we improve.

Super specialty where we are going to focus as far as international patient is concerned, it’s a hospital which is going to work as a cardiac centre where both the cardiology and the cardio vascular surgery is going to be a dominant field. Neuro surgical procedures in the interventional neuro radiology is going to figure once again.


Der Laxminarayan Temple in IndiaJoint replacement is another area where we can entertain our international patients and I think the satisfaction of this joint replacement patients is going to be, I will say far superior than you will find other hospital because of the patients walked in pain and walked out without pain. So that is a great experience which an international patient is likely to face.

Then our gastrointestinal surgery department is an excellent department where we have highly trained people who are going to deliver very good results and in due course of time we are having probably for renal transplant and liver transplant.

Now this is a hospital which has got thirteen operation theaters. We have on one floor eight operation theaters which are all made to the international specifications and very well equipped operations theaters where we can probably deliver the best which can be done in any part of the world.

It’s a specific hospital which is going to promote a day care centre and as we know that the day care surgeries are on the increase so this is the hospital which will have an edge especially for international patients who probably will be able to stay even if they have to come for small procedures from abroad. They get their job done and go back to their settings in the hotel and be more comfortable and they can come back next day if a follow up is required.”

Whether you are looking for a weight loss surgery, dental procedure like implants, plastic or cosmetic surgery, or ortho-spine procedure like cervical disc surgery in India, cost will be much affordable than it’s western counterparts.

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