Hysterectomy Surgery in India – Surgeon Video

This video shows an expert in hysterecomy surgery in India discussing her education, experience and the procedures she specializes in. This gynecologist from India also talks about the hospital stay required in certain procedures and her foreign clientele.

Watch the below video to hear from the surgeon. 

Following is the video narration:

“Basically specialize in gynae laparoscopic surgery. I have done my studies from Medical College Amritsar. I passed out my MBBS in 1986 and I am in practice from, 1994 onwards. I can talk about my research. I got the best scientist research award from the national academy of medical sciences on the polycystic ovarian disease, a syndromic allergy and I have been doing laparoscopic work from the past about now fifteen years. Looking into the various kinds of fibroids, myomectomies, hysterectomies and publish papers. I have also been awarded fellowship for the Indian Association of obs and gynaecology, and facilitated with that in the last year.”

“The major procedures which I have successfully done are hysterectomies and even big or small fibroids or big sized uterine. It doesn’t make a difference to me.”

Uterus and Cervix Removal“I have been quite professionally okay by operating laparoscopically with big, small fibroids, in big sized uterine, myomectomy of any size – big or small fibroids, I can remove them myomectically, safely and also suture line, ovarian cysts – big and small, and also try to do laparoscopic cancer surgery, cancer cervix. I am good at even them.”

“Uterine Artery Embolization would be a preferred procedure internationally as of today. In patients who are not of the reproductive age group, now that is the main issue because it causes radiation and as any of the radiation procedures, women do not or would not like to have the side effect of an ovarian failure because of that particular over amnesia. Under control that is quite fine but still, there are reports where it is a debate going on that for reproductive age group patients.”

“Otherwise it’s a good procedure in peri menopausal age group where the patients are having …… , they have already completed their families and it is a fibroid which as a first invasion we can always do a uterine artery Embolization, try to see if the symptoms are cured. If that is cured, she is asymptomatic …….she goes into a natural menopause which is a part of a radiation process and may be it may come up earlier, it’s suitable. Because we can avoid a surgery when there is minimally invasive.”

“If they do not rectify, fair enough, we have the second choice always there, the surgery can be always offered. I would do it that way, so that should be a good option for these patients who have completed their families. Then I am looking at patients who have yet to complete their families.”

Delhi Hospital India

“They have, of course I feel that the fibers should be removed and sutured, as it is conventionally being done by an open method now by a laparoscopic method. The patients conceives well, delivers well, there is no problem after that. Recurrences are always there after the completion of, I mean the second choice is always available if at all …..”

“Normally my patients are from Nigeria. We have the state-of-art equipment out here with all the gadgets are available; I mean the high definition camera is there, we have the harmonic, we have got the medical knife.”

“So its life very comfortable operating laparoscopically in all these major surgeries because the patients is up in about two to three days time. There is less of hospital stay. The is on her normal diet in about three days. It’s quite a miracle as far as the …… gynae surgery is concerned as compared to the older times when we used to have long cuts on the abdomen and the patient’s recovery time used to be much longer.”

“Normally total laparoscopic hysterectomies I have done in an ample number may be more than a century now, in past six months in this hospital only. I do the ovarian cysts…… would be couple of them, they are all on my website. I just said I had some videos on the same. So any patient who is requiring any kind of help on that demonstration of that particular procedure is also available on my laptop all the time twenty four seven.”

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