Bone and Joint Surgery in India – Surgeon Interview

In the past few years, India has seen a rise in the number of medical tourists visiting the country. The pocket-friendly cost of surgeries whether cardiac, plastic or bone and joint surgery in India, majorly contributes to this increase. In addition to the cost, international training and academic experience of many surgeons in India helps the international tourists have more confidence in planning a medical trip to the country.

In the below video, a leading orthopedic surgeon in India talks about his education and experience. He also discusses the various ortho procedures he performs.


Following is the video narration.

“I trained in India initially in my post graduation along with my under graduation. I then went off to work in England where I worked for 11 years. I have hence got my qualifications from England which includes FRCS and FRCS in orthopedics. I also finished my surgical training in UK which is the common European register for, which certifies me being able to work and operate anywhere within Europe itself.

I have attended many international conferences, both in Europe, America as well as in India. We also organize a lot of arthroscopy, arthop[lasty conferences within India itself. In fact in next few days we are going to have a shoulder conference on the similar theme. My publications are there in clinical orthopedics and some other journals of international repute.

Knee Surgery

My main interest as far as orthopedic surgery is concerned is to do with adult joint reconstruction which basically includes joint replacements of hip, knee and ankle. I also do a lot of work on deformity corrections including the use of stainless special frames. My other interests are foot surgery and hand surgery.”

Orthopedic Procedure in India

“In foot surgery because of my previous training, I do a lot of hallux valgus which is the bunion surgery and correction of deformities in the feet and also surgeries involving robotic feet and paralytic feet. We are practicing in India now for about 3 years where I have done very well and have had a lot of patients come from almost all over the world. Our major concentration seems to be coming from parts of Asia and Africa but we have always had some patients regularly coming in from the United States of America. Within India itself we get patients from almost whole of the north part of the country have come to us for treatment with various problems.

Prior to moving to India, about 3 years back, I stayed and worked in New Castle upon a time in England in the Bristol region. I worked in somewhere about 12 hospitals in these places. My experience there was initially as a trainee and then becoming a registrar and then followed on with that. With fellowships and in hip surgery, knee surgery and deformity correction surgery for the lower limbs.

One of the reasons for our success working as a unit in this hospital has been getting together of a group of like minded individuals who complemented each other because of the different training backgrounds and different training interests. Because of this we actually cover the whole spectrum of orthopedics. Not of that because of different backgrounds we actually complement each other with the deficiencies in one person might have.

New Delhi, India

So our strength lies in be able to work together, to in fact operate together at most times and also a cohesive atmosphere in which all of us actually discuss and debate cases with a very open mind rather than having a direct approach to any patient.

Essential thing for most successful surgeries is good decision making. Most of the surgeries themselves are actually not that difficult and what we do is, we are trying to do is give a very comprehensive assessment to the patient so that they can be assessed properly and get their proper treatment.

Even at the end of the treatment the contact with the patient is maintained throughout. We all access our emails regularly. We regularly keep on sending feedbacks to the patients and keep on getting feedback from them. Regarding what they should be doing.

It’s not happened very often but once or twice that people have come back to us with some problems or something. We have always an open attitude to actually sort out their problems. It’s not the end of the treatment when we come to give in the treatment once the operation is done. It’s almost lifelong association that we build with the patient.”

If you are looking for an affordable ortho procedure like knee surgery in India, don’t forget to research on the surgeon’s credentials, post-operative care, consultation and the patient testimonials (if available) on the surgeon or hospital’s website.

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