Knee Surgery in India

Because of its wealth of internationally-renowned hospitals and orthopaedic surgeons, more and more medical tourists choose to get knee surgery in India. In knee replacement surgery, parts of the knee joint are replaced with artificial ones in order to get rid of recurring pain in the area. It can be partial (replacing only one part) or total (replacing both cartilage and bone in the joint) knee replacement. Knee Surgery

Most patients who needknee replacement surgery go to India as the cost is only a fraction of that in the US, the UK, Canada, or Australia. The low cost of living also means that hotel rates and other logistics are much lower compared to those in other countries. Some even schedule a long visit, to allow for time to explore the culturally rich beautiful country.

Indications and Qualifications

Some people go to India for knee replacement surgery because they have been refused the procedure by their local orthopaedic surgeon. Because they experience pain and discomfort in their knee joints on a daily basis, which limits their activities and lifestyle choices, they elect for foreign doctors to consider them for surgery. Usually it they have one of the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Progressive arthritis
  • Trauma or injury to the knee joint

However, it should be emphasized that even surgeons in medical tourism destinations like India have numerous considerations before approval. Before a patient insists on having knee replacement, he should have exhausted other means of relief like therapy, exercise, and pain medications.

Tips for Medical Travel to India

Travelling to India for knee surgery should be planned thoroughly. The most important things to remember are outlined below. Ancient Hindu Temple at Konark - Orissa, India

  • Ensure that you are working with a reputable medical tourism agency should you choose to do so. The popular ones would have already established strong ties with international hospitals and highly-qualified surgeons plus help with discounted hotel and in-country transportation rates.
  • Ensure that you get feedback from former patients, many surgeons can provide references that you can call to discuss their own experiences, or you may search online for forum discussions wherein past patients participate.
  • Ask someone to go with you to India, for support before the surgery, as well as to assist you after it. Having knee surgery in India may mean a week or a couple of weeks’ stay, so you might as well bring someone who can be with you during the life-changing procedure.


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