Lap Band in India, Mexico and Costa Rica

Getting affordable lap band in India, Mexico and Costa Rica gives hope of a healthy life to the obese who have put in futile attempts at Lap Band in India, Mexico or Costa Rica weight loss via diet control and exercising. Lab band surgery in India, Mexico and Costa Rica costs only a fraction of the American prices.

This is principally because the cost of living in these medical tourism hubs is substantially lower than in the West. Additionally, the presence of a strong medical tourism industry serves as a check on the prices charged by the hospitals and clinics in these countries.

What is Lap Band Surgery?

  • In this surgery, an adjustable gastric band is placed at the top of the stomach so that the individual feels full with only a small amount of food.
  • Alternatively known as laparoscopic gastric banding, lap band surgery is performed through several small incisions made in the abdomen.
  • As per WebMD, some patients report to experience weight loss even three years after the surgery. The number of pounds lost through lap band are, however, not as high as in the case of gastric bypass surgery.
  • According to a study by B. Haynes and colleagues published in the November-December issue of the journal Obesity Surgery, weight loss after lap band surgery results in dramatic resolution of hypertension and diabetes.

Advantages of Getting Lap Band in India, Mexico or Costa Rica

  • As the cost of this surgery is quite high in USA, Canada and the UK many prefer to undergo lap band surgery in Mexico, Costa Rica or India where they can get the surgery done for about 50% less.
  • You will find a number of well-experienced and competent lap band surgeons in Mexico, India and Costa Rica.
  • The three countries are home to several JCI (Joint Commission International) The scenic lower Himalayas in India accredited hospitals.
  • Since the countries attract a significant number of international medical travelers, most of the doctors and surgeons in Mexico, Costa Rica and India are English-speaking.
  • Potential medical tourists can further cut down the costs involved by choosing their lap band surgery destination sensibly. While Africans, Europeans and West Asians will find India a more suitable destination for their surgery because of geographical proximity, Americans and Canadians can opt for lap band in Tijuana, Mexicali or any other Mexican border town to cut down travel expenses and time. Costa Rica is a good choice for North Americans looking to add a relaxing holiday to their medical trip.

Traveling Overseas for Lap Band Surgery – Useful Reminders

  • Some people find the idea of lap band surgery overseas quite scary. They have probably heard horror stories about lap band surgery abroad and are discouraged by the associated dangers and risks. This article addresses the important things to keep in mind when deciding whether to opt for lap band surgery in India, Mexico, or Costa Rica.
  • The perception of risk and danger associated with lap band surgery in Mexico is not entirely baseless. There are some horror stories of inexperienced surgeons, unhygienic hospitals, and postoperative complications that ended with the victims coughing up more than the cost of the surgery itself. However, it is important to view these horror stories in the right perspective.
  • It is not as if surgery in the United States is absolutely error-free. According to the Institute of Medicine, at least 44,000 people die in hospitals each year in USA as a result of medical errors [Refer: To Err is Human: Medical Error Deaths in USA]. In addition, lap band surgery has been performed much longer in Mexico than in the USA. While lap band surgery started in USA in 2001 after FDA approval, it has been successfully performed worldwide 1996.
  • When deciding whether or not to opt for lap band surgery in abroad, it is important to differentiate between the risks of the surgery itself and the risks of getting it done in Mexico.
  • When deciding on which doctor overseas for lap band in India, Mexico or Costa Rica, it is important to do a lot of detailed research. Look at the surgeon’s qualifications, surgical experience, and proctoring experience. The surgeon should be certified by a medical board and should have experience of at least 100 Lap Band surgeries. Talk to existing patients of the surgeon and get their feedback on the surgeon and the surgery.
  • Another important factor to evaluate when considering lap band surgery in a foreign country is the hospital quality. It is better to go for a fully integrated hospital rather than a clinic so that any unexpected emergency can be taken care of. Verify the track record and reputation of a hospital before agreeing for the surgery. In addition, check that the hospital staff understands and speaks English. Always go for a world-class and fully equipped hospital.

If you take these precautions, you can safely go ahead and avail the cost savings by choosing to you have your lap band surgery in India, Mexico or Costa Rica.


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