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Lap Band Surgery in Monterrey, Mexico

Gastric banding or lap band surgery in Monterrey, Mexico, being much lesser in price as compared to that in the US or Canada, is a great option for people who want to go under the knife for weight-loss, but cannot afford it in their own countries.

Americans—especially from the states of Texas, California, and Arizona—and Canadians do not have to travel too far to get the healthcare they cannot afford in their own countries. Monterrey in Mexico is in close proximity and can be easily reached via road and rail. It is an important Mexican city, known for its sterling quality medical care and tourist-friendly mood.

Why Consider Lap Band in Monterrey

  • Cost: With the cost of lap band in Monterrey being less than half of that in the US and when it is followed by other advantages listed below, it is quite understandable why people from the US and Canada prefer Monterrey for their weight loss surgery. This cost difference spells good news to everyone who needs bariatric surgery, but more so to people without health insurance.
  • US-quality medical care: When you choose Monterrey for your gastric banding, you don’t’ just get the cost advantage, but also the quality of medical care, which matches that in the US, UK, Canada, or other developed countries. Hospitals that are accredited by international bodies like the Joint Commission International have to conform to strict standards set by them. A JCI accredited hospital in Mexico is likely to have facilities that are comparable to a JCI accredited hospital anywhere in the world.
  • Proximity to US and Canada: For US and Canadian nationals, Mexico is the closest medical tourism center. For people suffering from obesity in the states of Arizona, California, and Texas, going to Monterrey hardly feels like going abroad, as it is just a couple of hours’ drive away. The rest of US, too, are very well connected with Mexico through frequent flights from all major cities.

Some Factors to Consider

If you too want to go to Monterrey for gastric banding surgery, the below may be of help:

  • Don’t go for the cheapest hospital, doctor, or a small clinic. It is important that you do not compromise on the quality of the service in pursuit of low-cost treatment.  Look for a service that allows you to talk to the surgeons and/or see their resumes, gives access to patient testimonials, etc. Often this can take a lot of research and your time. Medical Trip works with only those hospitals in Mexico that medical tourists frequent and have a high opinion of. Hence, we could help you choose the right hospital and bariatric surgeon for your lap band surgery.
  • Arrange for follow-up visits/lap band fills in your home country before you even leave for Mexico.
  • Do keep in mind that all obesity surgeries, including lap band, are but tools for weight loss. Without your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and compliance with post-surgery dos and don’ts, lap band surgery will have limited success.

Gastric banding in Monterrey, Mexico is a cost-effective option, which can help you save thousands in treatment costs, especially if you lack insurance, or if your health plan does not cover bariatric surgery.


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