Low cost Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) Abroad

Minimally invasive surgeries, sophisticated hospitals, expensive medications can all be beyond the reach of the common man, especially if he is uninsured. For people who cannot afford expensive treatments for diseases like cancer, low-cost image guided radiation therapy abroad could be the solution.

What is Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)?

Image Guided Radiation TherapyAs one of the most technologically advanced innovations in the management of cancer patients using radiation therapy, Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) integrates imaging abilities and treatment into a single appliance making the therapy more efficient and effective.

The technique enhances the accuracy and precision of therapy and targets the cancer cells specifically. A computer program links a liner accelerator (i.e. the equipment releasing radiation doses) to an imaging device like a CT scan or an MRI. This allows the oncologist to constantly view the tumor, as radiation doses are delivered on the target cells.

Advantages of IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy)

  • The IGRT technique increases precision as modifications and corrections can be made during the treatment. The technique allows change in position and intensity of the dose during the treatment process with radiation.
  • Unlike the conventional system which requires a release of larger volume doses to compensate for inability to localize the tumor, this technique doesn’t require higher dosage and intensity due to its higher precision.
  • The lower dosage also reduces the damage to the surrounding healthy tissue and organs
  • Image guided radiation therapy, produces a three dimensional image of the tumor, which allows high intensity radiation to the central part of the tumor while reducing dose intensity at the peripheral parts.

IGRT Procedure:

The procedure involves three simple steps:
• Stimulation: This stage is aimed at assessing the exact size, location and shape of the tumor cells to help the physician plan the subsequent steps
• Treatment planning: The exact dose is calculated so as to ensure minimal effect to the surrounding tissue and enhance effectiveness on the tumor Turkey
• Treatment Delivery: In the final stage irradiation is given.

IGRT Abroad

The IGRT technology is easily available in countries like India, Mexico, Jordan, South Korea, and Turkey, at prices that are only a fraction of those in the First World. Lower costs do not always mean poor quality; many hospitals in these countries are accredited by bodies like the Joint Commission International, indicating the level of care and facilities matches the top international standards.

If you too are keen on IGRT abroad, start with collecting the information and settling on your desired destination and procedure.

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