Low Cost Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Chemotherapy (CHOP) Treatment Options Abroad

The availability of low cost non hodgkin’s lymphoma chemotherapy abroad is great news for First World nationals distraught with financial restrictions to fight cancer through treatments in their local hospitals. The sky-rocketing prices of chemotherapy in developed countries, such as the US and the UK, make combating lymphoma a remote possibility for patients on a tight medical budget or with inadequate insurance cover.


Under such circumstances, it is practical for such patients to seek chemotherapy options in various medical tourism destinations across the world that offer remedies for cancer without putting financial strain on people who have already been severely agonized by the occurrence of the malignancy. Cancer-affected First World nationals seeking treatment in a foreign country can choose from amongst a wide range of options such as cost-effective chemotherapy in Tijuana, Mexico; New Delhi, India; or Istanbul, Turkey.

An advantage of undergoing reasonably-priced chemotherapy for non hodgkin’s lymphoma overseas is that one can rewind in a foreign location and spend quality time with the family member or friend who accompanies him/her for a medical trip aimed at increasing the chances of survival of a cancer patient.

Overview of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Chemotherapy

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas (NHLs) are a diverse set of cancers that affect the lymphocytes and lymph nodes and pose the danger of spreading to other organs of the body.

In 2009, NHL was the fifth most common cancer diagnosed among men and seventh most common cancer among women in the UK.

According to a report by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in 2010, the incidence of NHL in the U.S. since the 1995 had increased by approximately 4% yearly.

The U.S. National Cancer Institute has estimated that there will be 69,740 new cases of non-hodgkin lymphoma in the US in 2013 and 19,020 deaths from the disease in this year alone. It states that early stage of this cancer can be treated successfully by undergoing immunotherapy, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy while the advanced stages require the administration of combination chemotherapy regimens to cure the disease.

CHOP Treatment for Non Hodgkin Cancer

CHOP refers to the most commonly used combination chemotherapy treatment regimen for the management of non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It is an effective chemotherapy treatment for these types of cancers and increases the chances of survival significantly. The regimen comprises of four drugs: Cyclophosphamide, Hydroxyldaunorubicin (doxorubicin or adriamycin), Oncovin (Vincristine), and Prednisone. During the treatment, the first three drugs are administered intravenously or given as injections on a single day, while the fourth one is given orally as pills for the following few days. The drugs work towards destroying the rapidly multiplying cancer cells and preventing their replication.

Those looking for CHOP treatment abroad will be delighted to learn that this cut-rate alternative to expensive treatment in the West is expected to help them make savings of up to 40 to 50 %, that too for similar quality of service and outcomes.

Clinical and medical studies have attempted to assess the effectiveness of the CHOP chemotherapy regimen, and indicated that it is the best treatment option available for the most advanced and high grade of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The prognosis with the chemotherapy treatment is considered good, with a survival rate of about 55% after ten years of the treatment. Further remissions occur only after an average period of seven years.

It is also possible for one to avail low cost R-CHOP regimen in medical countries outside of the West, which is now a standard chemotherapy procedure used to help cure diffuse B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, the most common form of  aggressive NHL. This regimen involves the addition of a drug “rituximab” to the usual CHOP drug therapy.

Where to Get Lymphoma Cancer Treatment Abroad?

Several international medical tourism destinations have grown in popularity, as alternatives to the expensive medical treatment in First World Countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Going through such treatments in these overseas destinations provide the same quality of medical care with similar technological solutions and a cost saving of over 50%. India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jordan, Turkey, and South Korea lead the list of the preferred destinations to have the therapy conducted economically.

Apart from combination chemotherapy cancer patients from First World countries can also consider inexpensive NHL radiation therapy or affordable image guided radiation therapy abroad.

Why Get CHOP Treatment Overseas?

Deciding to undergo affordable NHL cancer treatment abroad will be easier if you learn about its positive sides. Paisajes - Costa Rica


  • While undergoing CHOP treatment at any of our state-of-the-art network hospitals in Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Turkey, Jordan, and South Korea, one need not have to bother about treatment quality, hygiene, and sterilization issues. Since many of these hospitals have local as well as US Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, one can rest assured that these facilities are well-equipped with the latest international medical technology, and enforce stringent measures in order to maintain high quality of patient care and safety.
  • While considering getting treatment for non Hodgkin lymphoma cancer abroad, one needs to bear in mind that these medical units thrive on the expertise and dedication of its highly competent team of doctors and healthcare professionals.
  • Language barrier is non-existent since the doctors in these destinations are accustomed to treating hundreds of NHL patients from developed countries, such as the UK, the US, and Canada, every year. These doctors can explain the procedure in details prior to the CHOP treatment and also clear help discard all reservations that the patient might have.
  • Due to the presence of fierce competition among various hospitals, there is a wide range of options that patients can select from. Various package deals are available that are inclusive of the doctor’s fee, medication, and lab test costs, follow-up charges, and accommodation expenses. One can also get the trip customized according to his/her convenience.
  • You will hardly face any difficulties seeing your doctor as the option of pre-scheduled appointments eliminates the trouble of queuing up outside the doctor’s clinic.
  • An added benefit of getting lymphoma treatment abroad is that you can throw your cares to the wind and make the most of your foreign medical journey by indulging in souvenir shopping, clicking photographs of scenic locations, and getting a taste of different cultures before the start of your hospital visit.

Duration of NHL Chemotherapy Regimen Trip Abroad

Management of Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma requires at least six treatment cycles with each lasting for about four weeks. The number of cycles varies depending upon the extent of gland involvement and the age of the patient. Doses of the medication are calculated on the basis of the body surface area (in sq meters), using parameters of weight and height. During the period of treatment patients are recommended to drink lots of water, use laxatives to avoid constipation, and are prescribed analgesics to alleviate pain. The patients should be aware that they are likely to suffer from common side effects which include hair loss, gastrointestinal disturbance, fatigue and weakness, and increased vulnerability to infections.

While planning their trip for, potential clients should be flexible with their schedule in case they are required to extend their trip for some unavoidable reason.

Low cost non Hodgkin’s lymphoma chemotherapy abroad can help increase one’s survival rate. Potential clients may contact us for guidance and information if they are looking for a hassle-free CHOP treatment in a sought-after medical destination.