Medical Tourism – Myths and Facts

Medical tourism is gaining a lot of popularity. People are flocking abroad for all kinds of procedures – right from low cost  dental implants in Mexico to quality plastic surgery in Thailand. The phenomenon, however, has its share of misconceptions. This video attempts to address some of the common misconceptions associated with medical tourism.

Video Transcription

Some of the common misconceptions regarding medical tourism are:

Myth #1: Foreign doctors are no good.

The fact is:
Good and below average doctors are everywhere.

And medical tourism too has its share of good and bad doctors.

Exercise due diligence.

Choose a doctor with:

– Necessary Credentials
– A successful track record

Since many of these doctors deal with high patient volumes, they have vast experience.

Myth #2: Another common misconception is that you will get substandard treatment.

The fact is good foreign hospitals abide by local and domestic medical laws.

Some of these are also certified by international accreditation bodies.

Our suggestion is go through hospital track record and patient reviews.

Myth #3: Language will be a problem.

The fact is good medical tourism hospitals have bilingual support staff.

Myth #4: Another common misconception is that travel costs eat up savings.

The fact is you can cut travel costs by choosing a destination close to your home country.

Focus on regional medical tourism.

Medical tourism is a unique opportunity to combine vacation with medical care.

It may not be for everyone.

Make an informed decision.

Consider your:
– Budget
– Savings
– Treatment options
– Comparative benefits: surgery at home vs. abroad

We recommend that you research into medical tourism based on your needs. Go through patient reviews and experiences. Check this video, for example, in which a Yuma resident reviews dental clinic in Los Algodones, Mexico.

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