Mexico Dentist Talks About Traditional Implants and Teeth in a Day

A well-known prosthodontist from our network dental clinic in Cancun, Mexico discusses the difference between immediate load and traditional dental implants.

Following is the video narration:

“In the past, the protocols for implants in US were two-stage thing. You will place the implants, and then you will have to wait a period of … integration, that we still do in some cases. But there are some patients are candidates for immediate loading, and that means that, what we call “teeth in a day”, the patient comes in, we do the work-up, meaning just trying the things that we have to do. And the day that we place our implants, that patient walks out of the room with a fixed set of teeth. So, and that is what we call immediate loading.

“Not all patients are candidates for this. You have to do, like I said, a very good diagnosis through a CT scan, through that sort of things, but the beauty of that is the patient can immediately start using that fixed set of teeth.

“We do have still a very important protocol,a post-op protocol where the patient needs to be on a soft and semi-soft diet for a certain period of time, because of course they cannot put too much stress on these implants while they are integrating, but it’s still a great benefit for our patients, specially the lower dentures that are sometimes a hassle, most of those lower dentures are very difficult for patients to be able to manage them. Once they are set-in with their implants, they are very good.”

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