Liberation Therapy for MS in India – Surgeon Interview

In this video a leading surgeon talks about liberation therapy for MS in India. The surgeon also explains venoplasty procedure which is performed by stenting the blocked vein carrying blood from the spine to the brain.

Watch this video on CCSVI treatment in India, followed by its narration.


Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in India

“…Particularly like in multiple sclerosis and till now most of the people, they go for medical management rather than any other surgical treatment or any other things. But in last like few six months or seven months, I am seeing that good number of the patients have started enquiring about the intervention procedures which is like in good number of the patients around 70-80 percent of the patients in multiple sclerosis, they found that in the neck veins which is narrowed, become narrowed or not too much dilated, multiple collaterals, even in the spine veins also get choked up, that is known as the azygous vein.


If we do the venoplasty, we put a small balloon on that one, this procedure is done under the local anesthesia. If we make them dilated veins and if we put a stent on that so the blood flow from the brain and the spine, that gets very well drained and good number of the patients, around 70 to 80 percent of the patients, they feel that their symptoms, particularly the weakness and the difficulty in walking and the retention of the urine and these all disappear in one or two weeks time.”

MS Procedure in India

“In multiple sclerosis, these procedures like till now Indian patients are also there and good number of patients, those coming from the abroad particularly the Canadian patients. Few patients we have done from the UK also. And these most of the patients, they are very young and they also know that these are the only treatments available. They don’t have any other option. So they want to try these procedures.

Neuro intervention radiology is the very wide kind of branch. If you see that what kind of procedure we do without surgery particularly the aneurysms, arterial…..and the neuro-surgeons- they do the surgical procedures.
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In aneurysm, this is becomes now a days the very standard, and this is the first choice of treatments for aneurysm coiling, and some other conditions like arteries venous malformation, there also owe treat by AVM or AV Embolization technique and particular, like you see like in the old people, may be the male or the female, those having the ostephorous in their spine, we do the vertigoplasty, that also with or without surgery. We put special medical cement I n the collapse vertebra and osteopra vertebra, they give a little more strength, and pain in other problems.”

Uterine Fibroid Embolization India

“Uterine fibroid, uterine adenomyosis, this is a big question for most of the women those suffering by that. These women like gets the heavy menses, they may be one week or two week this long periodand have the low hemoglobin and other things.

To making them aware we made India’s first uterine fibroid club, we give all the information to the women who are suffering from fibroids in the adenomyosis. Till l now, we provided information to more than 50000 women; these are all like the cases of no profit and no loss. And we make them aware that these are the treatments available to you without surgery also.

And good number of our patients; they get conceived also after fibroid emboilzation. But _patients have to be got evaluated when you see their scanning reports .In India, till now, we have done till last 2 and half years, more than 700 hundred patients. This is like the largest series when you see that, even in the European countries also, in one centre by one person, they have done this much number of case.”

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