Myomectomy Surgery Expert India

In this video a leading gynecologist in India talks about her education and experience. The myomectomy expert in India also specializes in urogynaecology problems in women like urinary incontinence.

Watch this video to hear from the surgeon.

Education and Experience of Myomectomy Surgeon

“I am a consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist. I have been working from the last four years. My education was in Varanasi, in Banaras Hindu University, one of the allied universities of India.”

“I did my graduation from there. I graduated in the year 1990 after which I did my post graduation, which was in Delhi, in one of the teaching hospitals…hospital in Delhi and I passed out in 1995. After that I went to England where I worked there and I trained for seven years.” Myomectomy Surgery in India

“I obtained my MRCOG degree and learned and had the opportunity to work with renowned names like Professor Gary, who specializes in endometriosis. I specialized in myomectomies. I specialized in laparoscopic surgery and also urogynaecology which is a very upcoming field and this is mainly due to urogynaecology problems in women. That is patients with urinary incontinence. This is a problem which is seldom addressed but patients who suffer from it, they are really distressed.”

“And nowadays treatments are available, surgical treatments are available and this is a very upcoming treatment, still a very common problem internationally. And we have done surgeries for the urinary incontinence and basically my interest is laparoscopic surgery, myomectomy for fibroids and also the urinary incontinence surgery.”

“So this is what my interest is. Any ovarian cystectomy, any other fibroids of the uterus or any other surgery, colposcopy is one of the field I specialize in. And high risk pregnancies are another interest that I have and this is what I would like to. I have signed for laparoscopic level three and level four surgeries, applying to go for training further.”

“So my forte or I would like to focus mainly on laparoscopic surgery and urogynaecology surgeries. So this is I have been practice for the last fifteen years. What I offer is evidence based approach, an internationally renowned approach. Most of my patients I cater to are patients who are international along with various countries and with different problems.”

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