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Obesity Surgery India

Obesity can be dangerous. Besides the damage it does to your self-esteem and social life, it ruins your body’s systems and takes you away from leading a healthy, disease-free life. When calorie-restriction and exercise do not help, and bariatric surgery prices in your area seem intimidating, what should you do? Seek obesity surgery in India, where the prices are affordable, the doctors are amicable, and the hospital standards are as good as anywhere in the world. Bariatric Surgery  in India

The rate of obesity is the United States has seen rapid growth since 1990 and according to a report released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than a third of the US citizens were overweight by 2010.

Obesity causes the second highest number of preventable deaths in the United States, and if you see too much unrelenting flab on your body and are thinking about bariatric surgery, India could be your destination.

Common Concerns Regarding Bariatric Surgery in India

Going to an unknown territory for bariatric surgery is a big decision and is likely to spark a flurry of questions in your head.

–          How much does it cost?

–          Will the doctors speak English?

–          Is the hospital hygienic?

–          Is the staff qualified enough?

–          Is it safe? Can I go sight-seeing?

Make sure you have all your questions answered and are not left with an iota of doubt about what you’re going to get, when you arrive in India for your weight-loss surgery.

Cost of Bariatric Surgery in India

Owing to the lower cost of living in the country, bariatric surgery prices in India are much lesser than those in the West. The surgeries start from as low as $5,000, but the price may vary depending upon your case and requirements.

To find the latest in bariatric surgery prices in India, fill-out the estimate request form on the right. Mumbai - India


Bariatric Surgeons in India

The medical education system in India is highly competitive and only the very best make it to advanced degree courses. Any Indian bariatric surgeon would have gone through years of grueling studies and performed a decent number of surgeries before reaching your surgical table.

Medical education here is in English, and the doctors and their staff can all easily explain to you the details of the procedure and answer any questions you may have. For non-English speaking patients, language interpreters can be arranged, if requested in advance.

Hospitals for Bariatric Surgery in India

Concerns about the standards of your chosen medical facility are obvious, but once you see the familiar Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation seal, you can put those concerns to rest.

The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) is known to be even stricter in providing is accreditation stamp and when you see hospitals that have managed to please these quality control bodies, you know you are not landing anywhere substandard.

Safety Concerns for Medical Tourists in India

India will not give you much to worry about, if you keep your wits about you. Relevant knowledge and a little common sense are important to keep you safe in any part of the world and the same goes for India.

–          Make your hotel bookings in advance

–          Stay away from people who are being overfriendly

–          Get the hotel to call you a reliable cab

–          Do not accept food or drinks from strangers

–          Do not entertain beggars

–          Crowds are inevitable in India, but do not flaunt cash or jewelry in crowded places

–          Avoid getting tempted by cheap products of big brands; they are likely counterfeit


Going to India for gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery does not have to be all business; you can make the most of your time in Asia by getting to witness the rich history and the eclectic modern charms of the colorful subcontinent.

Seek advice from your doctor in advance about how long you will be required to stay in the hospital and what are the post-surgery instructions so you can accordingly plan your sightseeing and other fun things before or after the surgery.