Penile Implant Surgery in India

This video shows a renowned urologist discussing penile implant surgery in India.

Following video talks about his education, experience and the penile implant treatment in brief. In another video of the same surgeon he talks about the various procedures he specializes in, including prostectomy in India.

Following is the video narration.

“ I have done my basic medical education from King George’s Medical College, Lucknow and thereafter finishing my basic medical education, I did a training in general surgery for three years. Then I further trained in general surgery for a year which is registrarship. At the same time I started training in urology. This was way back in 1997. Thereafter, I did my super specialization from Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research in Pondicherry.

So I started working in that field and I manage to do more than 1500 operations now for laser prostrate, more than 2,500 operations for kidney stones, more than 1500 operations for ureteric stones, lithotripsy’s, laparoscopy and now since I have joined the hospital which provides me a facility for Da-Vinci, so now I went to France for Da-Vinci prostatectomy and we are doing robotic prostatectomy here also.

I have attended conferences in US definitely and this was in 2006 I presented papers in Cleveland clinic. This conference was world end congress of endourology. Again in 2007 I presented papers. My paper was chosen as one of the highlight paper which got published in the journal of endourology that was Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty along with percutaneous nephrolithotomy.
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I have done live workshops in South Korea. I have operated in more than 10 hospitals in South Korea, demonstrated live surgeries. I have performed live operation in world video endourology congress in Malaysia. Last year I have performed a live laser prostatectomy there. I have involved training several delegations from different parts of South East Asian countries like from South Korea, Singapore, from Indonesia in laser prostatectomy.”

Laser Prostatectomy

“In most people, over the age of 60 years, they need some sort of attention to the prostate.

Prostate keeps on growing with age and cause urinary symptoms. The prostate can be enlarged due to the normal enlargement process or it could be cancerous. You all know that there is blood investigation called prostate specific antigen. We recommend all males to undergo after the age of 50 years so as to be able to detect prostate cancer in time.

So now once we have found that the prostate is enlarged and it requires surgery and there are basically two categories – cancerous and non cancerous. So for non cancerous prostate enlargement there are several types of operations. The conventional one being and still the gold standard being transurethral resectional prostate which is commonly called TURP or turp. This operation is done endoscopically. There are no cuts; no stitches and we go through the penis.

We go into the prostate and we take out pieces of prostate as we dig out into a big chunk of ice-cream when we take out scoops of prostate from there. At the end of it there is a catheter which stays for about 48-72 hours and there are chances of bleeding and there are certain complications associated with it. Therefore, the new thing that arrived just to counter the complications of standard turp is “Laser prostatectomy”.
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Now once laser comes there are several types of lasers available in the market by which you can do prostatectomy but the two most prominent lasers are holmium laser – enucleation of prostate and second is the green light or KTP laser prostatectomy. The basic difference between the two is the holmium laser can remove 90 percent of the prostate whereas green light evaporates the prostate and it becomes difficult to remove larger prostates with that.Green light is also costlier than holmium laser.

The benefits of both the lasers are nearly the same. Holmium laser having an edge that it can take care of any size of the prostate and green light is slightly at the lower side there because it cannot deal with bigger prostates that effectively plus it appears more costly also because the fibers that you use during the prostatectomy, they are consumed and they have to be, they cannot be reused.

So you have to keep, for bigger prostate…..2 or 3 fibers that adds to the cost of the procedure. So, for big prostates – holmium laser, for smaller prostates – green light laser, for any size of prostate – holmium laser.

If you have bladder stone along with prostate – holmium laser because holmium laser is capable of dealing with stones as well as prostates.”
The pocket-friendly cost of penile implant surgery in India has made many in the look out for a quality self-pay penile surgery, save on the cost. Other than India – Mexico, Turkey and Costa Rica are an equally affordable destination.

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