Pulmonologist in India

In this video, a leading pulmonologist in India talks about his education and experience. The surgeon has a fellowship from the American College of Chest Physicians, a diploma in interventional bronchoscopy, and specializes in infection control.

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Following is the video narration.

“I head the Department of Pulmonology, medical critical care, sleep medicine and infectious diseases. I am basically a qualified pulmonologist having done my graduation and post graduation from here. Following that I have done a diploma in interventional bronchoscopy which is a super specialized stage in respiratory medicine which has actually given me the training to do various interventional procedures inside the lungs which includes the bronchoscopy, the thoracoscopy.”

“We do endobronchal lasers for lung cancer patients and also take our fluid from outside the lungs and that is a unique procedure that we are doing here, which is called “the medical thoracoscopy” which is happening at very few centers across the country. It is typically for patients who develop fluid outside their lungs and is remaining undiagnosed. So in those kind of patients we perform this procedure which gives us 100% results in treatment as well as diagnostic purposes.”

Mumbai, India

“I have also been awarded the fellowship by the American College of Chest Physicians which is taken as a mark of respect and distinction the world over. I have done a Diploma in infectious diseases from the London University in which also I am totally unique. In the entire North India, probably there is nobody else who is qualified and trained in infectious diseases.”

“Hospital as a group has recognized the importance of infection control and infectious diseases in India since we deal with so much of tropical diseases and there are lot of issues regarding infection control in the hospitals.”

“So ever since I have joined, we have been able to implement the various infection control practices in the ICU, in the hospital as a result of which our hospital acquired infection rates have come down dramatically, dramatically I would say.”

“In fact, all this recently there was an uproar about this NDN1 bug and the super-bug been created by Delhi hospitals. Well I am proud to say that we haven’t reported any such bug so far. And our hospital acquire infection rates are also very very minimal. I would say comparable or less than any hospital abroad . The stand of care that we are providing  here in this hospital, ICU’s, in the wards is absolutely of international standards.”

“We cater to a lot of international patients who are coming from African belt, Sub Saharan belt, from Middle-East, from south east. Some patients also come from the Europe and US. All of them go back very happy and very satisfied. I don’t think we have had any case of a secondary hospital acquire infection among any of our foreign patients coming in here.”

Lung Cancer

“Sleep disorders is another big problem coming up as a menace especially in the higher societies. It’s now been considered as a part of life style disease. Lot of patients with blood pressure, with diabetes, with heart disease, with stroke have also what is called sleep apnea or a sleep related breathing disorder. The percentage of such patients is very high although the awareness is not as much.”

“Patients who have metabolic syndrome where they have their cholesterol’s elevated, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, they are now been grouped if they have a sleep disorder also along with it as “Syndrome-Z”. Syndrome-z is something which is catching up now very fast. We have a two bedded sleep lab. One bed which is in the room, dedicated completely and the other is a portable sleep lab that we have.”

“We are again one of the few hospitals in the city to have a portable sleep lab where we perform the sleep studies by the bedside of the patient in their rooms. We could even go to the homes of the patients and do it there. And we have a fair number of patients coming in for sleep studies on a regular basis from India as well as abroad.”

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