Radiation Oncology Abroad

Radiation oncology is the science of using ionized radiations in favorable doses for the treatment and management of cancers. Radiation Oncology is used together with chemotherapy (i.e. the use of drugs) and surgery (i.e. surgical removal of the malignant tissues) as an effective measure to manage some forms of tumors.
Radiation therapy is usually the first line of treatment preferred in association with chemotherapy for the management of tumors and cancers. However, it is very expensive in the West, prompting many to go searching for radiation therapy abroad.

Radiotherapy is not suitable for all cancers, and only a radio oncologist can determine if radiology is suitable for your case and the amount of radiation doses you will need. Radiation Oncology Abroad

The role of Radiation therapy depends upon the focus of the treatment plan. It could be:

  • Curative Therapy: Radiotherapy is used for complete removal of the tumor cells. This is possible for small sized tumors with minimal or no metastasis.
  • Palliative Therapy: Radiotherapy is used to reduce the severity of symptoms, pain and discomfort, however the disease may continue to progress. This is in case of cancers that have been detected late or with wide spread and extensive metastasis across the body making surgical removal impractical.
  • Neo-adjuvant Therapy: Radiotherapy is given prior to surgical intervention. The objective is to reduce the size of the tumor(s) before the procedure, to make the surgery easy and to increase the probabilities of a successful extraction.
  • Adjuvant Therapy: Radiotherapy is given after the surgery is conducted. This is done especially in cases where the possibility of a relapse is high.

MRT and Cyberknife have demonstrated immense benefits in the field of oncology. They are radio-biologically safer and offer greater convenience to the patients.

Cyberknife in Turkey, India and South Korea is about one fourth of the cost in the USA and therefore, it draws many candidates from foreign countries.

Jordan, Turkey, India, Mexico, and South Korea are some of the popular medical tourism destinations where people travel for surgical & radiation therapy for oncological treatments.


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